Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale Recap: Tanner and Jade Get Engaged!

Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale Recap: Tanner and Jade Get Engaged!

Did last night really happen?! On this week’s Bachelor in Paradise season finale week Night 1 episode, Paradise was in turmoil when Kirk Dewindt pulled the rug out from under everyone when he BROKE UP WITH CARLY. (Yes, we are STILL reeling from that one.) This leaves us with only four couples left standing: Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper, Tenley Molzahn and Joshua Albers, Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen, and Justin Reich and Cassandra Ferguson.

Cassandra Turns Down the Fantasy Suite

The show must go on – and that means all of the remaining couples go on their overnight dates. Well, almost all of them (sorry, Justin):

Tenley Pulls a Kirk

Right before the Final Rose Ceremony, Chris Harrison shakes up the group with a speech about committing to a life together outside of Paradise: marriage, kids, the whole thing. He also leaves the remaining couples to ponder, “Is this something you really want?” A shaky Tenley definitely taking Chris’ words to heart, consulting her pros and cons list and breaking things off with Joshua during their rose ceremony. For the record, Joshua was a gentleman to the end:


In other couple news, despite being a new item, Justin and Cassandra stay together through the Final Rose Ceremony. Justin offered his rose to Cassandra despite the two not knowing each other for a long period of time. The two are looking forward to date outside of paradise. Even more shocking news: Samantha and Nick are still a couple. 

A Paradise Engagement for Janner

Meanwhile, Paradise’s resident super-couple Tanner and Jade had a very successful overnight date, with the two exchanging I-love-yous at dinner. At their Final Rose Ceremony, Jade gives a heartfelt speech before giving Tanner her rose. When it’s his turn, Tanner returns the favor by nearly giving her a heart attack, telling her “I can’t give this rose to you.” Instead, he does this:


This wraps up Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise! See you next season... at Tanner and Jade's wedding in Mexico, perhaps? 

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