Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Joe Dates Samantha -- Did He Use Juelia?

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Joe Dates Samantha -- Did He Use Juelia?

Paradise has been mostly that for most of the contestants on Bachelor in Paradise this season -- but this might be the week that everything changes. A lot of relationships start going sideways this episode, so we’ve got a lot to cover. So remember how Clare Crawley was pretty much freaking out during the Rose Ceremony because she didn’t know who to give her rose to -- or if she should just leave the show? Let’s start there.

Will Clare Go Home?

Clare had a date with Mikey Tenerelli, and she wasn’t that into him. She also had a date with Jared Haibon, and he wasn’t that into her. So now she’s in Paradise with no real love connection. She’s got a rose to hand out, but she feels like maybe it’s better to just go home. Here’s what happened: 

She ended up staying, and giving JJ Lane a rose -- but she didn’t seem that thrilled about it. The other big roses in play were Tenley Molzahn’s and Juelia Kinney’s. Tenley gave hers to Joshua Albers, which left new arrival Michael Garofola out in the cold and headed back to the states. Juelia is quite smitten with Joe Bailey, which meant Mikey and Jonathan Holloway were left roseless and headed home.

The Saga of Joe and Juelia

A few people tried to warn Juelia that Joe was playing her just so he could stick around, but she didn’t care. She was sure Joe was there for her and she was ready to build their connection. But the morning after the Rose Ceremony, Samantha Steffen showed up -- the woman that Joe was hoping would show up. Samantha had a date card, asked Joe, and off they went.

Juelia was crushed. And it turned out that Joe was being a bit weird about his relationship with Sam as well -- when the gang asked him if he had spoken to Sam prior to being on the show, he said no. But Tanner Tolbert immediately explained that Joe had indeed talked to Sam prior to the show, because Joe had told him so. Something is up. Everyone thought Joe should talk to Juelia to make it right. Here’s how that went:

That wasn’t exactly a guy trying to make it right.

Dan & Ashley and Kirk & Carly: On the Rocks?

Dan Cox and Ashley Salter hit it off quickly in Paradise. Everything moves quickly here, and Dan is starting to feel like maybe he’s seeing some red flags from Ashley. Now he’s questioning their relationship:

He’s somewhat unclear about his intentions, so Ashley might just stick it out to see how this plays out. Dan might be intrigued by the arrival of Megan Bell, so who knows how this story will end.

Kirk Dewindt was having similar feelings about his relationship with Carly Waddell. Was it moving too quickly? But he soon got over it and realized that Carly has what he’s looking for, so he’s going to jump right in.

Joe Has Acquired the Villain Title

Joe and Samantha were pretty much inseparable once she showed up in Paradise. It gives the appearance that Joe had played Juelia just to get her rose -- and no one likes the idea of the sweet single mom/widow getting played in Paradise. Joe finally admits that he had indeed talked to Samantha before the show, which makes it seem more suspicious to everyone else. 

Dan finally gets Joe to talk to Juelia to own up to what he’s done, and Joe once again dodges a lot of questions and settles very little:

Juelia feels very disrespected, and it seems like Joe really doesn’t care…until Juelia says that Sam is her friend, and she feels like she needs to tell Sam the whole story so that she knows what she’s getting into with Joe. Now Joe’s worried that Juelia is going to blow up his relationship with Sam. Will she?

Watch tonight to find out!

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