black-ish Recap: Michael Strahan Debuts as "June Bug" in Halloween Episode

Welcome to this week's black-ish recap for Season 2, Episode 6 “Jacked O' Lantern” (air date: October 28, 2015), featuring guest star Michael Strahan. Dre's family visits for Halloween, and his cousin June Bug (Strahan), who used to bully Dre as a kid, shows up as well. 

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June Bug starts off by charming Dre's family, but he falls into his old routine of beating up Dre pretty quickly:

Jack and Diane want to know why June Bug calls Dre "Tea Kettle," but Dre seems hesitant to explain what that's all about.

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Dre thinks he knows why June Bug always bullies him: June Bug resents him for getting out of the hood and being successful. Dre makes it clear to June Bug that he doesn't think he's better than June Bug. But June Bug just won a $2 million police brutality lawsuit -- he's not jealous of Dre. And this is why he calls Dre "Tea Kettle":

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Later, Dre is hiding in the garage after getting more beat downs from June Bug, and Ruby wants to know why. She says that June Bug is Dre's savior, a fact he argues vehemently. If June Bug is so wonderful, why did he push Dre out of a moving car on his high school graduation night? The answer might not be as mean-spirited as Dre thinks:

Family is complicated. Sometimes it's painful. But sometimes, the pain is worth it. 

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