Week 3: Let's Go to the Movies!

Week 3: Let's Go to the Movies!

Welcome to the Week 3 edition of the Glitter Report. Kevin Hart was in the ballroom to provide some laughs and critiques as a guest judge as the stars performed film-friendly routines on Movie Night. Lights! Camera! Dance!

Now That’s a Different Story: Janel and Val were given a challenge. They were to do a routine from West Side Story without having it look anything like the routine in West Side Story. Only in America, right? Actually, “America” is, in fact, the song they danced to during their amazing jazz routine which earned the first perfecto of the season!

They Reign in the Rain: Who would try to take on a routine perfected by the legendary Gene Kelly? Derek and Bethany, that’s who! Their sparkling jazz routine had the 10s pouring in for the second perfect score of the night.

Argentine Chongo: It was a routine that seemed to go on forever, in a good way, as no one in the crowd wanted it to end. Tommy’s Argentine tango with partner Peta was smooth, sensual and smokin’. In other words, it was pure Chong.

Yeah, Baby: Alfonso began his groovy Goldmember routine with a little help from his own version of Mini-Me. Carrie Ann thought he was very smooth, but Julianne suggested they get a little lower on their holds. Alfonso and Witney got 8s across the board even though Mini-Me thought they should get all 10s.

A McFly Girl: Arriving in style in what we’re guessing was a plutonium-charged DeLoreon, Lea went back to the past for the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Lorraine McFly was flying high with her cha cha to “The Power of Love.” Marty would be proud and hubby George would hope that a future Mirrorball would be her density. Make that her destiny.

The Quotes Are In:

Bruno (to Alfonso after his quickstep): “Dr. Evil is very pleased.”

Kevin (to Betsey after her contemporary routine): “You just dropped it like it was hot.”

Tom (after Julianne gave Betsey a 6 for her dance): “Julianne dropped it like it was cold.”

Bruno (to Lea after her cha cha): “What we had was the power of Lea on splendid display.”

Julianne (to Michael after his waltz): “That was your best dance ever.”

Carrie Ann (to Antonio after his foxtrot): “You are stiff in places that are strange.”

Bruno (to Sadie after her Viennese waltz): “Totally and utterly charming.”

Julianne (to Janel after her Jazz routine): “I felt like I was watching a full-on Broadway show.”

Tom (after Janel and Val got their scores): “Who would have thought having lawyers involved would actually help?”

Carrie Ann (to Tommy after his Argentine tango): “It was like watching Yoda dance.”

Dance Dynasty: Sadie ditched her shorts and checkered shirt for a more elegant outfit that went well with a more elegant dance. Her dad was in the audience as Sadie wowed the crowd with her lovely Viennese waltz with Mark.

A Rocky Road: Randy and Karina learned they were in jeopardy just before it was time for them to do their paso doble to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky III. Several judges felt the timing was off during the routine. At least Carrie Ann was impressed that Randy took her note from last week. Kevin Hart also liked the dance. But the guest judge’s kudos couldn’t save Randy from being the latest star to exit the ballroom.

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