season 4

A young adult experiences college life in New York.

S4 E1 - The Declaration
Felicity's father begins nagging her about her future.
10.11.2001 | 43m
S4 E2 - My Best Friend's Wedding
Felicity feels extremely guilty after having sex with Noel.
10.18.2001 | 43m
S4 E3 - Your Money or Your Wife
Ben and Felicity get back together.
10.25.2001 | 43m
S4 E4 - Miss Conception
Javier helps Felicity prepare for the beauty pageant.
11.01.2001 | 41m
S4 E5 - Boooz
Ben and Trevor fail their organic chemistry midterm.
11.08.2001 | 43m
S4 E6 - Oops...Noel Did It Again
Ben learns that his father is being hospitalized with liver failure.
11.15.2001 | 42m
S4 E7 - The Storm
Ben refuses to talk to Felicity.
11.22.2001 | 44m
S4 E8 - The Last Thanksgiving
Meghan tells Felicity that she has a spell to reunite her with Ben.
11.29.2001 | 42m
S4 E9 - Moving On
Ben defends Felicity against a rude customer at Dean & DeLuca.
12.06.2001 | 44m
S4 E10 - Fire
Ben focuses all of his attention on studying.
12.13.2001 | 44m
S4 E11 - A Perfect Match
Felicity is confused when Ben begins dropping by her apartment frequently.
12.20.2001 | 43m
S4 E12 - Future Shock
Lauren tells Ben that she is pregnant, and that he is the father.
03.21.2002 | 43m
S4 E13 - Kiss and Tell
Mr. Covington learns of Lauren's pregnancy.
03.28.2002 | 44m
S4 E14 - Raising Arizona
Ben decides that he wants to play an active role in his child's life.
04.04.2002 | 44m
S4 E15 - The Paper Chase
Felicity worries that Ben is drifting away.
04.11.2002 | 43m
S4 E16 - Ben Don't Leave
Lauren comes by Dean & DeLuca to announce that she is leaving.
04.18.2002 | 43m
S4 E17 - The Graduate
Felicity is able to graduate.
04.25.2002 | 44m
S4 E18 - Time Will Tell
Felicity becomes distant and withdrawn after Elena dies in a car accident.
05.02.2002 | 44m
S4 E19 - The Power Of The Ex
Felicity and Noel decide to stay away from their usual date locations.
05.09.2002 | 42m
S4 E20 - Spin The Bottle
Ben questions Felicity's relationship with Noel.
05.16.2002 | 41m
S4 E21 - Felicity Interrupted
Felicity tries to convince Noel that she wants to be with him.
05.23.2002 | 44m
S4 E22 - Back To The Future
Felicity blames herself for Noel's death.
05.23.2002 | 45m