GH Catch-Up: Watch Free Episodes Now!

GH Catch-Up: Watch Free Episodes Now!

Catch up on past episodes for free! Act fast, these expire soon. In the meantime, enjoy this special Thanksgiving video from GH to you: 



November 13th 2014- EXPIRES TODAYWATCH NOW!

Nina is beside herself, and does not realize the realities of her actions. Duke gets some legal advice. Morgan is upset when Carly suddenly gets sidelined. Kiki walks in on a shocking situation. Will Madeline come clean to Nathan and Obrecht? 


Sonny and Carly lament over the recent chain of events. Anna wonders why Lucy would go to such lengths to try and help Duke. Nikolas and Britt have an unexpected visitor at Wyndemere, who has many questions for Britt. Elizabeth continues to try to help Jake spark his memory. 

November 17th 2014- EXPIRES IN 4 DAYSWATCH NOW!

Spencer and Josslyn are stunned by the latest turn of events. Michael asks Sonny to give him something.  Larry gives some advice to Ned and Tracy regarding ELQ. Jake adjusts to his new living arrangements, and also gets to know Cameron. Patrick learns whether or not he will be able to reclaim his position at the hospital. Anna and Obrecht have a run in over Faison’s whereabouts. In the interim, someone has a proposition for both Obrecht and Britt in regards to Anna.  

November 18th 2014- EXPIRES IN 5 DAYSWATCH NOW!

Sonny faces the harsh reality of his consequences. Michael makes an important announcement to the Quartermaines that pleases Monica. Sam and Patrick share a close moment. At the end of the day, Sam and Patrick both overhear Larry’s suspicious phone conversation. Anna tries to decipher someone’s true motives for coming to town. Meanwhile, Obrecht threatens Britt to go along with her new scheme involving Anna. Kiki is disturbed with Ava. Spencer slips up and tries to cover the truth.  

November 19th 2014- EXPIRES IN 6 DAYSWATCH NOW!

In order to protect his loved ones, Sonny comes clean. Jordan and Shawn finally tell TJ the truth about his father. Michael is disturbed by what he thinks Kiki helped arrange. Anna brings Julian into her office for questioning. Ava procures Silas to help her in her time of need. Sam and Patrick begin to question Larry’s motives.