Recap: GH Week of April 28th



What an exciting week on General Hospital! Ava visits Carlos in jail and claims that she had nothing to do with Sabrina’s accident. She does tell Carlos that the only way to ensure Sabrina’s safety is to do things her way. Later in the day, Carlos confesses to AJ’s murder. Franco and Carly are stunned since both of them know that Carlos did not kill AJ. Carly wonders what Ava is hiding. Later in the week, Carly and Franco retrieve AJ’s lost phone. They realize that AJ had been recording the events leading up until his shooting. They try to listen but cannot get the recording to play.

Morgan is still livid after catching Sonny and Ava together last week. He threatens to tell Olivia but does not. Instead he goes straight to Julian Jerome and tells him everything that Ava has been doing behind his back. Julian goes to Luke and informs him that Ava has been funneling information to Sonny. Luke tells Julian to kill Ava or he’ll kill Julian. Meanwhile, Sonny warns Ava that Julian knows. Sonny has arranged for her departure to his private island until things get better. Before Ava can get out of town she runs into Julian.

At the hospital, Sabrina and Patrick hold vigil over their premature son. Britt keeps watch over the baby and provides comfort to Patrick. Britt has since been ruled out as a suspect after Nathan tells her that the tire tracks at the scene do not match her car. Nathan also tells her that they are brother and sister.  They awkwardly laugh about almost having sex and call it a day. Patrick goes to check on Emma and runs into Victor Cassadine who has a message from Robin.  Patrick speaks with Robin on the phone and tells her to come home or it is over. The baby stabilizes and Patrick and Sabrina are overjoyed.

Madeline reveals to Nathan that Nina is alive. We see Nina lying awake in what looks like a hospital bed. Dante and Lulu get Britt and Nik to drop the charges setting Obrecht free. She places a call to Victor Cassadine who later gives Lulu and Dante their embryo. Across town, Shawn follows Jordan to the pier and accuses her of waiting for one of Julian’s drug shipments. They argue and Shawn threatens to tell TJ that she was a drug dealer. Jordan comes back that if he does, she will tell TJ how his father really died. 

What a week! What was your favorite moment?