GH Recap: Secrets & Lies: Week of April 6th

GH Recap: Secrets & Lies: Week of April 6th

Another exciting week on General Hospital! Nikolas is stunned by Elizabeth’s news that Jake is a married man. Nik pays Hayden a visit and demands to know who she really is.

Meanwhile, Sam, on the way to moving in with Patrick & Emma, has car trouble. Jake is at the garage. They share a moment before driving off together on a motorcycle. Patrick isn’t thrilled about Sam’s friendship with Jake.

Michael is under in influence of the drugs that Morgan & Kiki slipped to him. After a drink he starts to act crazy. He runs into Sonny who is looking at Avery and loses it. Like a hot mess he yanks the stroller away from Sonny causing it to tip over. A tabloid reporter is capturing everything on camera.

The news of Michael’s behavior is broadcast all over Port Charles. The CPS arrive to hand Avery over to Morgan & Kiki. The CPS tell Kiki that she can take her sister home after they take her to the hospital for a checkup.

Across town, Luke is glad to see Valerie until he realizes she is going to kill him. She blames him for Patricia’s death. Dante & Lulu stop her and Valerie breaks down.

In sadder news, Ava asks Silas to put her out of her misery and end her life. Silas at first refuses but Ava breaks him down and he agrees.

Later, Nina arrives at GH looking for Silas. She apologizes for hurting him during her period of mental instability and offers her condolences on Ava’s death. Morgan & Kiki arrive with the baby and CPS. Kiki flips out, shocked to see Nina.

Last but not least, Maxie and Spinelli talk and agree to get back together. Spinelli is elated. Nathan arrives and declares that he has made a mistake and wants to get back together.

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