Recap: GH Week of April 7th


This week had so many shocking reveals! After Nathan & Sam's sting operation caught Madeline, Nathan is forced to admit that Madeline is his mother and Nina is his sister. Madeline claims that she did it to protect Nina from Silas but Nathan is over it and arrests her on the spot.

Across town, Obrecht is keeping Liz, Baby Ben and now Nikolas hostage. Britt, who has revealed everything to Lulu and Dante, shows up wearing a wire and the police swarm in to arrest Obrecht. Before they can arrest her, Obrecht shoots her gun and Liz is hit in the shoulder.

Meanwhile, Franco questions Carly and realizes that Sonny shot AJ.  Sonny warns Ava that Carly is aware of her involvement in AJ's shooting.

Dante and Lulu are reunited with Ben and Britt says goodbye. They rename him to Rocco and everyone is happy. Liz is recovering well and Nikolas keeps vigil at Liz's hospital bed. Ric shows up and Nik leaves. Ric tells Liz he will not stop fighting for her. 

Obrecht and Madeline are in jail together and it is revealed that not only are they sisters, but Nathan is actually Obrecht's son. This makes Britt and Nathan brother and sister. (Who are about to have drunk sex at any moment) To cap off the week, Obrecht instructs Dante to drop all of the charges against her or else he and Lulu will never get their "other" child.  The drama just never ends with that woman.

What an action packed week! What was your favorite moment?