GH Recap: The Aftermath of Valentine's Day Begins: Week of February 16th

GH Recap: The Aftermath of Valentine's Day Begins: Week of February 16th

Valentine’s Day is over but the aftermath is just beginning! Nathan is still furious that Maxie helped Johnny escape. Meanwhile, Spinelli informs Maxie that he is still in love with her.

Later, Spinelli makes his romantic intentions known to Nathan.

Alexis thrills Julian with the news that she wants to be with him despite all of the obstacles. Across town, Sonny & Carly share a romantic Valentine’s Day together, which is interrupted by Michael suing Sonny for the custody of Avery. Later, Carly visits Michael and lets him have it but Michael won’t back down.

Meanwhile, Olivia gets the shocking news that she is pregnant…which Ned witnesses. Olivia explains that she would be happy under normal circumstances…but she is pregnant with Julian Jerome’s baby. Later, Ned & Olivia run into Alexis and Julian. Tensions rise and Olivia blurts out that she is pregnant and Ned claims he is the father.

Later, Tracy and Lulu are getting closer to figuring out what is going on with Luke’s two personalities.

Tracy breaks it to Luke that he has been responsible for the evil things that “Fluke” has done. Tracy presses him about what happened at his house when he was a child. The memories transform him into the Bad Luke. Tracy vows to find out answers from the one person who may have them: Luke’s long lost sister Pat.

At the hospital, Liz, Lulu & Tracy await Patrick’s answer about the microchip that Helena implanted in Jake and Luke. Patrick tells them that he found something in Jake’s brain but nothing in Luke’s. Unfortunately Patrick can’t operate, it’s too dangerous.

Jake must decide whether or not to go under the knife. Eventually he agrees to undergo the surgery to remove the chip. On the way to the operating room he comes across Sam and it prompts another memory – this time it’s of his wedding ring. Meanwhile, Nikolas figures out that Jake is actually Jason. He wants to tell Sam, but Helena points out that she has information that could send Nikolas to prison…not to mention that as long as Jason stays dead, it’s easier for them to take over ELQ.

As Jake is put under anesthesia, he remembers that he is actually Jason Morgan. He tells Liz that he remembers who he is…just before he falls asleep.

Jason survives the operation. Will he remember who he really is?

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