GH Recap: The Party is Just Getting Started: Week of January 26th

GH Recap: The Party is Just Getting Started: Week of January 26th

Another exciting week on General Hospital! Prison has never been so eventful. Early in the week, Franco calls Nina. Nina tells him about her new friend “Diana.” Franco is stunned when she puts his mother, Heather Webber, on the phone. Heather tells him that she intends to harm Nina to get back at Franco for betraying her.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Julian are plotting their way out of prison. After learning that his grave was empty, they believe that Bill Eckert is their enemy.

Ava receives a touching visit from Silas who brings Avery with him. Ava tells him about her plans to break out of prison and bids and emotional farewell to her daughter.

Later, Madeline and Ava are getting ready for transport to Port Charles for Madeline’s trial. While they are being escorted to the van, Ava is scared when she sees the guard who threatened to kill her. Just as the guard is about to do her in, Sonny appears and knocks him out. Franco, Julian, Sonny and Ava make a break for it, taking off in transport van!

Out of prison, Fluke runs into Dante at the cemetery. Dante becomes suspicious and races to the old Spencer home to check out the basement. Meanwhile, Fluke finds Bill’s grave has been dug up and is furious. He assumes Dante is the culprit. Fluke finds Dante in the Spencer house and confronts him.  He pushes Dante down there stairs.

Fluke drags the unconscious Dante into the room with Luke. Fluke tells Luke that the Haunted Star is going to explode tonight, and returns with a bomb made just for Luke and Dante. He arms the bomb and leaves.

Dante later comes to and discovers a skeleton in Luke’s chair!

Meanwhile, Carly accompanies Jake to the hospital where he seeks help in piecing together his memory. Jake receives a call from Helena and leaves.  Helena asks Jake why he didn’t kill Patrick and Sam. Jake describes what happened with Robin. Helena realizes that she has made a mistake bringing Jake so close to Sam. She gives him another mission that he is reluctant to carry out..blow up the Haunted Star.

Carly realizes that Jake lied to her and ends up going to the police.  Jake is later arrested at the Haunted Star.  Helena assures Fluke that Jake will not have remembered planting the bomb on the boat. The party starts and Lulu cannot find Dante.

Across town, Brad notices the phoenix and Lucas tells him that he found it on the pier. Later, Brad admits that he is in love with Lucas and wants him to move in. Before Lucas can respond, Sam and Patrick arrive to take them to the Haunted Star and Sam notices the phoenix on Brad’s bookcase. She demands to know where it came from. Sam realizes that someone did break into her house the other night..and it was Jake. After finding out that Jake was arrested, Sam feels vindicated.

Meanwhile, Sonny, Franco, Julian and Ava are on the run. Franco unsuccessfully tries to reach Nina to warn her about Heather. Sonny sees headlights and the van crashes.  

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