GH Recap: The Search for Patricia Continues: Week of March 16th

GH Recap: The Search for Patricia Continues: Week of March 16th

What a week in Port Charles! Sonny & Jake finally come face to face. Sonny wants to know Jake’s intentions with Carly. Jake explains that he and Carly are just friends. Later, Carly informs Jake about Liz & Ric’s breakup. Jake arrives at Liz’s house and finds her upset over Cameron’s confession that he accidentally caused the fire at the Cassadine house. Jake & Liz end up admitting their feelings for each other and kiss.

Duke tests Jordan, ordering her to take out Julian. She goes to Anna with her dilemma. Nathan comes up with a plan. Jordan can wear a wire during her next meeting with Duke. If they get him on tape planning Julian’s murder, they can arrest him. Meanwhile, Carlos tells Julian to kill Duke.  

Meanwhile, Kiki and Morgan come up with a plan to get Avery away from Michael. They will make Michael look like he has a substance abuse problem, using his family history to their advantage. Since Michael does not have a drinking problem, Kiki comes up with the idea to switch Michael’s medication.

At the gym, Spinelli finds Sonny and confides his desire to win Maxie from Nathan. Sonny tells Spinelli to leave it alone. Nathan walks in and tells Spinelli to leave Port Charles.

Spinelli tells Nathan that he will leave on one condition: Nathan fights him in a boxing match and the winner gets Maxie. Maxie arrives just in time to witness Nathan knocking out Spinelli.

The search for Patricia is in full force. Lulu and Tracy arrive at Patricia’s house and meet Valerie Spencer, Patricia’s daughter. Valerie tells them that her mother passed away but Luke is secretly hiding in the house with a gun.

The biggest shocker of the week happened to Jake. Just when he and Liz were making their relationship official, a woman arrives in town claiming to be Jake’s wife!

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