Recap: GH Week of March 31st

Recap: GH Week of March 31st



This week marked General Hospital’s 51st anniversary!  Sadly, early in the week AJ loses the fight for his life and passes away.  Carly tells Sonny that AJ named him as the shooter. Later in the week Sonny confesses to Carly what happened and she agrees to keep his secret for Michael’s sake. 

Nik arrives at Liz’s door to apologize, unaware that Obrecht is inside. He hears a noise but thinks that Ric is there and leaves.  Diane Miller is hired by Obrecht and Britt is released from custody. Lulu comes to Liz’s to vent and Obrecht hears that Britt is free.  Obrecht calls Britt and tells her to come get Ben and go on the run with new identities.  Britt is torn on what to do and says goodbye to her friend Brad. 

Meanwhile, Sam, Silas and Nathan come up with a plan to out Ava as Nakamura’s killer.  They enlist Julian to help with their plan and he agrees.  With the help of Sam and Silas, Julian and Nathan arrange for Ava to eavesdrop on their staged conversation.  Ava takes the bait, and learns that Nakamura is alive.  Sam lies in bed and Nathan hides waiting to catch Ava. Someone enters and goes to attack Sam with a syringe. Much to everyone’s shock Madeline is standing there.

Shawn is less than happy about Jordan’s decision to work for the Jeromes.  Shawn suspects that she is up to her old ways and is selling drugs. Jordan denies it but there is some doubt left.

What an intense week!  What was your favorite moment?