Recap: GH Week of May 12th

Recap: GH Week of May 12th

Last week the Nurses' Ball left off on a high note. Magic Milo & the Magic Wands wowed the audience with an unforgettable striptease. This week we saw even more exciting action from the Nurses' Ball and not all of it was on stage. Sonny tries to apologize to Olivia but she wants nothing to do with him. In efforts to protect Tracy, Ned has set up Michael to become the new CEO of ELQ. Luke is not happy with this.

The Haunted Starlets performed “I Love It” bringing the crowd to their feet. Eddie Gomez took the stage with his romantic song “Criminal Love.” Cameron interrupted Emma and Spencer’s adorable tango with a performance by Player. Mac and Mr. Marbles took the stage but after only a few moments Epiphany attacked Mr. Marbles smashing him to the floor. Mac was devastated as the crowd cheered. Epiphany later apologized.

After seeing Lucas and Felix together, Brad takes the stage singing “Brokenhearted” hoping to win Lucas back.  Lucas tells him that he is with Felix now. Brad is devastated. Meanwhile, Britt tries to talk with Nik who ends up admitting that he could not stop caring for her so quickly. When she tries to press him he walks away. Liz seems content with Ric and it becomes very obvious that Nathan has a little crush on Maxie. It will be exciting to see where that goes!

Lucy is approached by Scott and in a moment of passion they kiss as the curtains come up exposing their affair to the entire audience, including Lucy's husband Kevin. Lucy tries to justify it but Kevin will not listen. He storms out and Lucy runs out of the ball leaving the hosting job to Felix.  Molly and T.J. lighten the mood with their fun song “Just Can’t Get Enough.” Emma Drake takes the stage singing “Little Things” bringing Anna to tears. In a touching tribute to her children Liesl Obrecht sang, “Always On My Mind.” The ball closes with Epiphany singing “You’re Not Alone” to a montage of the ball coming to an end including Patrick and Sabrina watching their newborn fighting for his life.

The Nurses’ Ball is now over but the aftermath has just begun. Lucy and Bobbie get into a fight with Lucy pulling out Bobbie’s hair. Across town, Kevin realizes that Mac knew about Lucy’s affair and they get into a fight themselves. Carly and Franco have fled town with AJ’s phone. They try to distract themselves by joining the Mile High Club which proves to be more difficult than they thought.  

Julian and Alexis are growing closer and closer. They share a night of passion and Alexis asks Julian to give up his life of crime.  If you did not see this moment check it out now:


Julian explains to her that it is not only up to him. Alexis warns Julian that choosing that lifestyle over his family will have its consequences. Julian calls Luke and sets up a meeting. He attempts to severe his ties from Luke and Luke warns him there will be consequences. Meanwhile, Duke offers Anna the means to take down Julian. Anna makes a pact with him that if Julian is arrested, then Duke gives up his work for Sonny. 

Anna delivers the news to Dante and Lulu that the embryo that Obrecht delivered was indeed theirs. Jordan surprises T.J. with a new car and Shawn is very suspicious about how she obtained the money. Jordan warns Shawn to leave T.J. in the dark. T.J. overhears their argument and questions what they are hiding from him. Shawn learns that Sonny and Duke have leaked information about Julian to Anna and is worried that Jordan will also get busted.

This week was full of bold moves, but maybe the boldest is when Nik kisses Liz after she tells him she is giving Ric another chance. If you didn't see Nik's bold move check it out now: 

Liz pushes him away and claims that they will never live happily ever after.

Wow, what a week! What was your favorite moment?