GH Recap: Jason Seeks Out Helena for Answers: Week of November 16th

GH Recap: Jason Seeks Out Helena for Answers: Week of November 16th

The race to bring back Jason's memory continues. Jason turns the tables on Nikolas, threatening to reclaim his identity as a Quartermaine and wrest away control of ELQ. Nikolas’s only choice is to divulge everything he knows about how Jason came to be Jake. Nikolas tells a portion of the truth, explaining that the only person who can tell Jason what he wants to know is Helena.

Meanwhile, Sam admits to Patrick, that she kissed Jason. Patrick is upset, and finds Sam’s explanation wanting. Patrick cuts the conversation short when he gets a disturbing call from Emma. Liz shows up to confront Sam about her intentions toward Jason. Sam resists Liz’s entreaties to give Jason space to figure out what he wants. Meanwhile, Jason climbs astride his motorcycle and heads out for parts unknown.

Robin watches in horror as her captor’s associate attempts to lure Emma away. Emma shows her mettle and screams for help, drawing the attention of nearby Hayden and Tracy. Robin’s minder warns that the next time she causes trouble, Emma won’t be given the opportunity to make a fuss. Later, Robin is compelled to get back to work on her mysterious task.

Watch Robin's reaction: 

Maxie begins to brief Nina on all aspects of Crimson.  Nina offers her strategy for improving sales, which is naively simple.   Meanwhile, Julian and Alexis, finishing dinner at the Metro Court, run into Lulu, who wants to file for a legal separation from Dante. Lulu confides in Olivia her mixed feelings about Dante, as Olivia advises her to call him.  Dante (who’s out on an awkward ride-along with Valerie) explains that now isn’t a good time to talk.  Lulu understands, and hangs up feeling hopeful.  But later she passes by Dante’s car… and sees Valerie’s head on his shoulder.

Jason arrives at Spinelli’s door, asks for help tracking down Helena - the only person who can answer his questions.  Spinelli is overjoyed to reconnect with Jason, and shows tolerance and understanding with Jason’s frustration about what his loved ones – especially Elizabeth and Sam – need from him. Later, Jason is armed with info from Spinelli and leaves to confront Helena on Cassadine Island.

Spinelli is overjoyed to see Jason:

Jason manages to overtake a guard on Cassadine Island.  He almost gets to Helena – but is knocked out. When he awakens, he’s confronted by Nikolas.  Nikolas informs him that his grandmother’s dying.  Jason doesn’t believe him.  But when he grapples with Nikolas and then gains entrance to her room, he finds a frail, diminished Helena. She confirms that it’s true, she’s at the end of her life, which is why she gave Jake back to Luke when he was here.  And she intends to give Jason what he wants, too.

Meanwhile, Liz and Sam are shocked to find themselves not only on the same flight to find Jason, but sitting next to each other.  Sam tries to dissuade Elizabeth from this mission, insisting she is ill equipped to handle the dangers. Elizabeth takes offense and calls her on her seeming disloyalty to Patrick. Eventually, they call a truce.  They both end up finding Jason with Helena.

Watch the most uncomfortable flight ever:

GH Spoiler: "You Can't Handle Jason Morgan"|Sam and Liz make for uncomfortable travel buddies.|Elizabeth and Sam are shocked to find themselves not only on the same flight to find Jason, but sitting next to each other.


Helena tells the tale of Jason’s missing years, culminating with a shocker – her henchmen were on hand in General Hospital when he was delivered after his hit-and-run; there, the men administered a drug that clouded his memory. Helena reveals that what she has done can be undone.

In other news, Hayden has a bad dream in which Nikolas tries to kill her. She goes to Pentonville to see Shawn.  He’s incredibly relieved she’s up and around after he accidentally shot her – and he’s shocked that the man he was there to kill was actually Jason Morgan. She reveals that it may not have been his bullet that hit her.  She questions him about the possibility of another shooter.  He doesn’t have answers for her – but he knows someone who will help her.  She asks him to keep this quiet and he agrees.

At the PCPD, Nathan questions Franco about his part in running Carly's car off the road.  Franco insists he wasn’t even driving that night. Against Franco’s wishes Nina tells Nathan that Kiki was the driver.

GH Spoiler: Carly Flips Out on Franco|Carly is furious that Franco has been released from custody.|Carly comes to the police station and learns that Franco has been released from custody and is no longer considered a party to her accident.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s oddly energized.  He stops in to see Kiki on her first day as a waitress.  He realizes she doesn’t know about Franco’s arrest. Morgan suggests to Kiki that they go on the run.  They can start over, away from everyone who knows them.

Morgan takes Kiki to a secluded cabin, where they broach the subject of what, if anything, they are to each other. Kiki tells Morgan she needs to face the music in Port Charles. Morgan tries to convince her not to go – in so doing, his manic episode snowballs. 



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