GH Recap:It's Thanksgiving in Port Charles: Week of November 23rd

GH Recap:It's Thanksgiving in Port Charles: Week of November 23rd

Helena claims she can reverse Jason’s memory loss – but that doesn’t mean that she will. Helena’s history with Sam and Liz comes into play as she appears to toy with the idea, but a demand from Jason causes her to finally reveal there is no magic “fix” to restoring his memory – he will have to live with that.  Then, to the shock of all, Helena suddenly dies.

Meanwhile, while Carly tells Sonny her fears about Morgan, a manic Morgan rushes out of the cabin and fires the rifle.  A horrified Kiki calls Michael who goes to Carly and they take off to find Morgan.  Meanwhile Michael and Carly arrive – and Morgan realizes they mean to commit him to the hospital. As the men wrestle Morgan to the ground and take him out, he angrily tells a horrified Kiki and Carly that they have betrayed him. Following Morgan’s manic episode, Sonny and Carly have brought him to the hospital. Later, Bobbie arrives with Thanksgiving dinner from Kelly’s, Carly returns with Kiki, and Michael stops by with Sabrina, as Sonny toasts the family.

Across town, an emotional Anna finally confesses to Andre that she killed Carlos.  She thinks this will set her free…only to see Carlos on the pier right after the session.

In other news, Sabrina finally plans to tell Michael the truth about the child.  Later, Sabrina opens the door and faints when she sees Carlos. Carlos explains to Sabrina how he had to fake his death, as the law was closing in on him for murdering Duke.  He can’t help but ask if Sabrina is carrying their child, but Sabrina protests that it’s Michael’s.  Michael arrives to pick up Sabrina for Thanksgiving, forcing Carlos to hide.  As Michael and Sabrina leave, Sabrina makes up an excuse to return to the apartment, telling Carlos that he can only stay the night and Carlos agrees that he’ll be gone by morning.  But after Sabrina goes, Carlos alights on a gift for the baby, and makes clear that he’s not going anywhere.

Lulu stops at the loft to pick up more clothes.  She can’t help herself from being suspicious, as she takes an errant lipstick as evidence of Dante’s continued infidelity… until she realizes it’s hers.

Dante returns home, as Maxie takes her leave. Lulu she leaves Dante with separation papers and goes.

Later, Laura tries to convince Lulu that she isn’t ready for a formal separation from Dante; Dante is trying to decide whether to sign the papers she left. Valerie shows up at Dante’s with dinner for him. She intends to leave, but there’s a college football game on TV that interests them both. He tells her about the separation papers and she feels bad. When their team wins the game they find themselves in a clench that turns to a kiss that turns to lovemaking. Meanwhile, Lulu decides that her mother’s right; she’ll go see Dante first thing in the morning.

It’s Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine mansion and Paul’s taken over the dinner preparations, treating them all to a deep-fried turkey. Michael reminisces to her and Sabrina how much Jason meant to him throughout his life. They’re overjoyed when Jason arrives with Liz and family.

Thanksgiving comes to a halt when Paul’s deep-fryer has fried the electricity in the mansion. Jason suggests they order pizza. Everyone wonders if he remembers that tradition but he makes it clear it was only a suggestion.

Happy Thanksgiving from the cast and crew of General Hospital! 



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