GH Recap: Confessions are Made and Lives are on the Line: Week of September 8th

GH Recap: Confessions are Made and Lives are on the Line: Week of September 8th

This week started off with a bang! Dante and Lulu are locked up in a room at Crichton-Clark. Both of them are stunned to receive a surprise visitor – Stavros. Stavros tells Lulu that he is happy to have her back so that they can now start a family. Lulu is disgusted. Stavros informs Dante and Lulu that before he put Lulu into a deep freeze, he extracted one of her eggs, which he then fertilized himself. Now all he needs to do is implant it. Dante struggles to get free as Stavros drags Lulu off with him to inject her with the necessary hormones to carry his embryo.

Nathan is thrown in with Maxie and chained up.  Maxie confesses that she nearly stopped her wedding to Levi when she learned of Nathan’s feelings for her.  Nathan admits to Maxie that he has had feelings for her ever since he first met her on New Year’s Eve. Maxie admits that she has feelings too but is too confused right now to do anything about them. 

Maxie gets free and searches for help. She stumbles into a patient’s room. The patient grabs Maxie and calls her Felicia. Maxie is about to run and Levi shows up. He informs Maxie that the patient is his father, Peter. Peter reveals that he plans on killing Maxie.

Nathan begins to worry about Maxie.  He overpowers a guard, takes his gun and escapes. Meanwhile, hoping to learn whether or not Nathan is his son, Victor sends off samples of their DNA. Levi shows up and Victor yells at him for botching the job. Levi blames Dante and claims that he wants to shoot him. Victor informs Levi that Dante and Lulu are with Stavros. Obrecht informs Anna that Victor told her where Nathan is – Crichton-Clark. Anna is doubtful that Obrecht is telling the truth so Obrecht reveals that Victor is head of the WSB.  Later, Anna arrives at Crichton-Clark with Obrecht. She sends Obrecht in alone. Once inside Obrecht cuts her secret wire to Anna and reveals to Victor that he is Nathan’s father. Nathan bursts in demanding to know where Maxie is.

Spencer reveals to Patrick, Emma and Sam that Luke Spencer caused the car accident that took Gabriel's life. Sam and Patrick are shocked but agree to look into it. Meanwhile, Carly arrives at Dante’s to baby sit for Rocco and finds Sonny there. Carly informs him that Kiki has agreed to keep their affair a secret. Across town, Alexis is thrown when Julian shows up at Sam’s. Julian claims that he is there to see Danny but tries to win Alexis back and loses.  Later, Alexis finds Ned alone asks him out. Ned accepts after she explains the circumstances.

TJ wants to know who Shawn’s mystery girlfriend is. Shawn finally admits that it is Jordan. Meanwhile, Jordan tries to get the identity of Ava’s boss but Ava won’t budge. Suddenly Ava feels a sharp pain and Jordan rushes her to the hospital. Sabrina stabilizes Ava but uses their moment alone to scare her about the fate of her baby. The baby is pronounced healthy and Sabrina vows that she will see to it that doesn’t last.

Across town, Nina presses Rosalie to begin her revenge against Kiki. Rosalie is hesitant to manipulate Morgan. Nina reminds Rosalie who is boss. Silas arrives and tells Nina that Sam and Patrick investigated Nina’s medical history. Nina resets her goals for revenge, putting Sam back on her list.  Later, Morgan invites Rosalie for pizza. Michael and Kiki tease Morgan and Kiki eventually backs off since Morgan is keeping her secret about Sonny & Carly sleeping together- a statement that is overheard by Rosalie.

The week ended with a blast from the past. Victor’s assistant goes to check on Jason Morgan. A nurse informs him that Jason is not happy to be there and had to be restrained.

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