Character 101: Stephanie Edwards

Character 101: Stephanie Edwards

Stephanie Edwards came along in Season 9 of Grey's Anatomy truly terrified of one super surgeon while seriously attracted to another. Check out some of our favorite memories of Dr. Stephanie Edwards below!

Don't Look Into Her Eyes: The new batch of interns had a nifty little nickname for the one boss who brought paralizing fear to all those who crossed her path. They called her Medusa. Believe it or not, they weren't talking about Bailey!

Apology Not Accepted: April took it upon herself to set up Stephanie with Jackson as his date to Bailey's wedding. They never made to the ceremony, but they did end up sleeping together. It was the start of a beautiful relationship that just didn't last. Jackson's heart belonged to another. He made that clear to the world at April's near-wedding. Stephanie was humiliated. It took her a while to bounce back, but she was a lot stronger when she did. Jackson found that out firsthand.

Got Your Back: Bailey did a stem cell transplant using deactivated HIV on young patient against his parents' wishes. Even though the procedure worked, the dad wanted to have Bailey's medical license taken away. This motivated Stephanie to claim she made a mistake. Bailey was off the hook and she assured Stephanie that she would not be getting fired without a fight from her.

Heartbreaking News: While doing April's ultrasound, Stephanie inadvertently revealed the sex of her baby. She noticed a problem. She went to Arizona who turned to Dr. Herman. They all believed that the baby may have a birth defect that shows signs that the child has fragile bones. If the infant survives birth, the child will likely not live very long. There's nothing anyone can do. It's a heartbreaking moment.


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