HTGAWM Season 3 Finale Recap: Who Killed Wes?

HTGAWM Season 3 Finale Recap: Who Killed Wes?

On the Season 3 Finale of How to Get Away with Murder, Wes Gibbin's killer was revealed.  Annalise believed that the Mahoney's were behind Wes' murder but Sylvia Mahoney set the record straight and told Annalise that Wes' father is Charles Mahoney and not Wallace Mahoney, an assumption Annalise made while working on the Mahoney case.  Annalise finds out District Attorney Denver has been working corruptly to try and put her in jail.  Laurel pulls out a gun to approach Charles Mahoney but is stopped by Dominic, a family friend.  In a series of flashbacks we learn that Dominic was sent by Laurel's father to kill Wes.  After killing Wes, Dominic set Annalise's house on fire.  The season 3 finale answered some of questions about Wes' death but now we need to know why Laurel's father wanted to kill Wes and if Annalise will go after District Attorney Denver.  Catch all the important moments from the season finale below.

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Who is Wes' Father?
During a meeting with Sylvia Mahoney, Annalise finds out who is Wes' father.  Annalise accuses Sylvia of plotting to kill her grandson, Wes Gibbins.  Sylvia insists that Annalise has it all wrong.

Who Killed Wes Gibbins
Annalise speaks to District Attorney Denver about Wes' voicemail.  Annalise pins the murders of Rebecca Sutter and Sam Keating on Wes.  She tells him that Wes committed suicide because he knew that he'd be going to jail for the murders.

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Who is Dominic?
Laurel is about to confront Charles Mahoney before she runs into Dominic, a family friend.  Dominic is also the person that killed Wes Gibbins.

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