Wes Gibbins' 10 Most Memorable HTGAWM Moments

Wes Gibbins' 10 Most Memorable HTGAWM Moments

Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) died in the Season 3 Episode 9 "Who's Dead?" Winter Finale of How to Get Away with Murder.  Wes will never get to graduate from law school but the impression he made on the remaining Keating Five and Professor Annalise Keating will carry on.  While it's shocking to even think that one of the How to Get Away with Murder Cast members is dead, we will never forget Wes.  From saving Rebecca to shooting Annalise, check out Wes Gibbins' 10 Most Memorable Moments.

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10. Wes Confronts Annalise About Sam
He confronts Annalise about Sam's involvement with Lila Crawford.

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9. Wes is the Anonymous Source
We are shocked to learn that Wes is helping police build up a case against Annalise.

8. Wes Helps Annalise Clean Up
We see Wes' caring side when he finds a drunk Annalise.

7. Wes and Rebecca Hook Up
Wes and Rebecca get into an argument about the happenings of that day in court. But after the yelling is done, they end up making love. 

6. Wes Proves He Didn't Kill Rebecca
Annalise wants to know if Wes is the one that killed Rebecca Sutter.

5. Wes Learns About Annalise's Son
Annalise brings up the fact that Frank killed her unborn son. Wes feels everything that's happened is caused by Annalise trying to protect him.

4. Wes Meets His Father Wallace Mahoney
Wes's conversation ends abruptly when Wallace is shot and killed.

3. Wes Chooses Laurel
Laurel sets the record straight by telling him that she's not in love with Frank. Wes tells Laurel that he's no longer seeing Meggy.

2. Wes Kills Sam Keating
In this much-anticipated scene from the season 1 winter finale, Sam's killer is finally revealed. The students think Sam is a goner after a fall, but they are dead wrong. A very-much alive Sam starts attacking Rebecca! Enter the trophy. Sam gets a fatal blow to the head... from Wes Gibbins. The Puppy did it! 

1. Wes Shoots Annalise
In order for the story to be believable, Annalise needs someone to shoot her in the leg. Since she can't do it herself she pushes Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Wes to shoot her. When everyone passes on making things worse, Wes is finally pushed over the edge.

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