Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 3 "Odd Couples"

Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 3 "Odd Couples"

Welcome to Mistress Moments for the “Odd Couples” episode of Mistresses, which originally aired June 25, 2015. Here you’ll find a recap, highlights and, yes, spoilers, so check out all the hottest happenings below.

Sneak Preview: Odd Couples

April learns that the big payout she got from Paul’s fake death needs to be paid back in 30 days. Life insurance companies can be real sticklers when it comes to actually needing someone dead. April owes $200,000. She asks Toni for legal help. A proposed deal to cut the amount in half isn’t good enough.

April suggests to Marc that he look for a job. It’ll help give him some structure. Marc ends up getting several odd gigs, but none of them take him outside the house. April sets up a meeting with Harry. Marc blows it off. This has April blowing up at him. She later apologizes and learns that Marc is an alcoholic. That’s why he didn’t want to work in a restaurant. He’s trying to take responsibility. April wants to do this as well which is why she strives to make things right with the insurance company.

Karen begins her part of the stem cell procedure to save Vivian. She has some recovery issues. Fortunately, Alec shows up at her place to give her a checkup. The doc realizes she shouldn’t be alone, so he cancels all of his appointments. Alec isn’t the most tactful person in the world, but he does show a softer side whenever he talks about his wife.

After Calista’s event planner drops the ball, she hires Joss to save the day. The two of them dive into a discussion about Harry. Speaking of Harry, Ellis tells him that he’s just been named one of the Top 10 Chefs in L.A. It’s great news, but not enough to lead to a hug between the two men.

Joss gets peeved at Calista when she learns that she scoped out Harry at his restaurant. The two ladies have a heated exchange. It ends abruptly when Joss storms off after telling Calista that she crossed the line regarding the situation with Harry. The hits keep on coming for Calista when her top model, Eva, brags that she’s been with her husband.

Harry gives Joss the scoop on the magazine honor. Their chat starts off well enough, but things get awkward fast. Joss had been reminded by Calista that the plan was to steer clear of Harry for a while. So she does. As for Harry, he learns that his Top 10 Chefs in L.A. honor is all about the “sexiest” chefs in town. This becomes clear when he’s asked to wear some star-spangled shorty-shorts.

Seeing as how he can’t call Joss, Harry turns to Niko for advice. The sexy bartender advises him to keep his pants on. She’ll be the one who strips for the shoot. The photographer loves it. Joss, who happens to oversee all this from afar, is a little thrown by the sexy display.

Calista’s assistant, Wilson, calls Joss. He’s panicked because his boss has locked herself in a bathroom. Joss finds a distraught Calista venting about how her cheating husband sunk to a new low by sleeping with someone she works with. Joss manages to cheer her up and also help her out by pinch-hitting on the runway for fired model Eva.

Calista gives Joss a healthy paycheck for her modeling adventure and asks her to be her fulltime event planner. She also apologizes for stalking Harry. It was just her way of protecting her new friend. Calista advises Joss to go after Harry is she truly wants him and to not let any sexy bartenders stand in her way. So she does. Harry is surprised when Joss shows up at his place. He thought they weren’t talking. Joss assures him they aren’t just before kissing him passionately.


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