Reasons Why Cameron Tucker Should Be President

Reasons Why Cameron Tucker Should Be President

In honor of Presidents' Day, watch this video of Cam dressed up as George Washington in the Season 5 episode, "First Days."
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Cameron Tucker as George Washington|Cam the Substitute Teacher.|Cam subs for Alex's class, but who's the real teacher?


Colonial garb aside, is he suited to run for office? Here are a few reasons why Cam should be prez.

1. He Knows How to Shift the Blame

Lily Wants a Puppy Pound|All Lily wants for Christmas.|When it turns out that Lily actually wants a "Puppy Pound" and not a "Guppy Pond" for Christmas, Cam points the blame at Mitchell.

When Mitch and Cam misunderstand Lily's Christmas list and get her the wrong gift, Cam slickly skirts responsibility and deftly places all the blame on Mitch. Politically savvy Cam isn't pointing fingers at all -- that finger is just a one that fell asleep on the job. (From the episode "The Old Man & the Tree.")

2. He Won't Back Down/Knows How to Wear a Suit

Cam can stubbornly stand his ground, plus, he's all about democracy. When faced with a tough decision, he'll put it up for a good ol' vote. (From the episode "The Late Show.")

3. He's a Good Motivator

If a mudslinger were to call Cam a "Sassy Granny," he'd be able to find a positive angle to spin it into an inspirational speech. (From the episode, "A Fair to Remember.")

4. He's Used to Being the Center of Controversy

OK, so he might not be the most diplomatic when handling criticism (as depicted in this clip from the episode, "Farm Strong"). But Cam has always taken pride in calling himself Mitchell's "trophy wife," so maybe a role as First Gentleman (would he insist on being called "First Lady"?) could be his perfect place in the White House.

Mitch or Cam: Who Wore It Best?|It's going to be a bumpy night.|Mitch and Cam end up wearing the same outfit and neither one wants to change.


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