Top 8 Haley and Andy Moments on Modern Family

Andy (Adam DeVine) and Haley (Sarah Hyland) have been on quite a journey from the first time they met to being caught by the whole family at the cabin.  In Season 7, Andy and Haley's romance has blossomed and even allowed Andy to see just how crazy the Wild Haley Expeirence used to be.  We've put together the top 8 Andy and Haley moments from Modern Family.

8. Haley Meets Andy
Andy catches Haley in Jay and Gloria's kitchen, so she tries to pretend she's Alex. He doesn't buy it, and Haley doesn't buy Andy's claims of having a long-distance girlfriend.

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7. Claire Thinks Haley and Andy Are Having Sex
Phil (Ty Burrell) is concerned that Alex (Ariel Winter) has been studying too hard and not getting any sleep, but Claire (Julie Bowen) is more concerned about Haley, who's been spending a lot of time with Andy the manny. To get her mom off her back, Haley lies and claims she's having sex with Andy since that's the last topic Claire would want to discuss with her.

6. Haley Realizes Andy Is like Her Dad
Haley starts taking a liking to Andy while watching him re-enact a scene from Gravity with Phil. But then Alex points out how similar Andy is to their dad. At least in space, no one can hear you scream.

5. Haley and Andy Have Their First Kiss
Haley is shocked when Andy insists that if the two of them kissed, it would have a bigger impact on her than him. Haley's had three stalkers so she's pretty sure he's wrong and she plants one on him to disprove him. But does it?

4. Haley Declares Her True Feelings for Andy
Haley visits Andy, who's in the hospital after his appendectomy. He drifts out of consciousness, so Haley finally admits her feelings for him. When Andy's girlfriend Beth shows up, Haley realizes he really wasn't single with an imaginary girlfriend, so she quickly makes her exit. But maybe Andy has feelings for Haley, too...


3. Haley and Andy Avoid Being Caught at Phil's Sexy Sexy House
Haley and Andy avoid Phil and all the visitors of Phil's Sexy Sexy House.  They spend all their time avoiding their obvious chemistry but finally give in once everyone leaves the house.

2. The Time They Got Caught at the Cabin
The couple couldn't keep their hands off each other during the Cabin trip that Gloria planned in Episode 709 "White Christmas".  This marked the first time everyone in the family found out about their relationship.


1. Andy and Haley's Epic Confrontation in the Rain
After their relationship developed physically faster than it did emotionally, Andy is afraid that their relationship will sizzle out in Episode 714 "The Storm." Haley remeinds Andy that she started liking him way before they started hooking up.


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