Top 5 Most Destructive Disasters from Modern Family's "Integrity"

Top 5 Most Destructive Disasters from Modern Family's "Integrity"

In the Modern Family episode "Integrity," the family endures all sorts of acts of destruction, from a garbage truck crashing through Lily's old princess castle to baby Joe trashing everything in Mitch and Cam's house. It almost plays out like a disaster movie with Haley's career left in near-shambles after she gets fired and Luke and Manny going mano-a-mano. Here's a ranking of all that's laid to waste in Season 6, Episode 21 of Modern Family, "Integrity."

5. Claire Bribes the Principal
Claire (Julie Bowen)causes a lot of damage to her reputation when she tries to bribe Principal Brown into giving Luke the Marlon Boniface Integrity Award, because she feels sorry for her son who's being overshadowed by award-winning Alex. Principal Brown refuses Claire's efforts to donate to the auto shop to "grease the wheels" and to contribute money to buy cleats for the soccer team so they can get their "kickback."

4. Haley Loses Her Job
After Gloria (Sofia Vergara) tells Haley (Sarah Hyland)to stand up to her abusive boss Gavin Sinclair (guest star Michael Urie), he promptly fires her, obliterating her fashion career. Gloria realizes her mistake and how she screams first and thinks later, so she decides to swallow her pride for once and talk Gavin into giving Haley back her job. He does it, but only because Gloria then destroyed his sense of security with some very persuasive threats.

3. Manny and Luke Get in a Fight
Claire sabotages the school's frontrunner for the Marlon Boniface Integrity Award so that Luke (Nolan Gould) can win the prize, but she discovers that it's a "nerd award" that no one wants. Luke thinks that Manny (Rico Rodriguez) is the saboteur, and the two get into a fight. Alex (Ariel Winter)awards the brawl the "Saddest Fight" award, but that's a notch behind the ego-destroying power of winning the "Bonerface Award."

2. Phil Releases the Princess Castle into Traffic
After taking Jay's advice to be his own man and order the Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine he's always wanted, Phil (Ty Burrell) returns the favor by unhitching the princess castle they're hauling across town. It turns out that Phil thought that's what Jay (Ed O'Neill)wanted, but it's too late to save Lily's old castle when a garbage truck plows through it.

1. Mitch and Cam Babysit Joe
Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam's (Eric Stonestreet)yearnings to adopt another baby are quickly turned around when babysitting Baby Joe turns into a nightmare. By far, little Joe wreaks the most havoc in the episode, including drawing on the curtains, flushing Cam's keys down the toilet, crashing a toddler car into a plant, smearing paint on Mitch and Cam's beloved couch and throwing one of their expensive, collectible bowls.

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