Modern Family Spoilers: Claire Finds Extra Help Around the House

Modern Family Spoilers: Claire Finds Extra Help Around the House

Here’s the Modern Family Recap of Season 7, Episode 15 I Don't Know How She Does It (Original Air Date March 2, 2015). Claire has somehow turned into super mom, running Jay’s closet business and yet still has time for all the duties at home. The kids could not be happier, but Phil could not be more frustrated. Unbeknownst to him, Claire has a secret weapon called a personal assistant. Meanwhile, Joe is going through a fussy phase, and Jay and Gloria are beyond sleep deprived, so they both cut some corners that they know the other would not like and go to great lengths not to get caught. And Mitch and Cam are treated like second-class guests at their friends’ wedding, which Pepper (Guest Star Nathan Lane) has organized, and they spend the whole time figuring why and who they offended.


Everyone Has Something to Hide
Jay wakes up early from a nap to sneak downstairs to feed Stella some leftovers from Gloria's traditional dish.  Gloria tries to make it out to the car before Jay can find out she left Joe napping in there.  Luke and Manny return home with a Gloria's broken computer, which froze while they were watching adult content.  Before anyone can find out what they're up to, they agree to step back and carry on with their business.

One Thing Lily Hates About Her Dads
Mitch and Cam find out the reason they haven't been invited to more weddings.  Many were displeased at their hurtful declines to past wedding invites sent from Lily.  They find out Lily has been declining wedding RSVPs because she's embarrassed by the way her fathers dance.  They always knew there would be something Lily hated about them but at least dancing is something they're good at.

Claire Tells Ben to Stop Helping Her
Claire has been taking advantage of Ben (Guest Star Joe Mande), a suck-up from marketing, to help complete her errands as a mother.  She finds Ben at her home making sandwiches for the Dunphy children and tells him to stop helping.  Meanwhile Phil was ready to call Claire out for using an assistant to help her become an amazing mom.  Phil hears everything from the other room and helps Claire finish up making sandwiches in the kitchen without making a scene.

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