Modern Family Recap: Keegan-Michael Key Guest Stars in 'Playdates'

Modern Family Recap: Keegan-Michael Key Guest Stars in 'Playdates'

Here's the Modern Family Recap of Season 7 Episode 10 "Playdates" (Original Air Date January 6th 2015).  Claire and Phil have dinner plans with this great couple they met on vacation; the only problem is they never pick up the bill, so Claire insists Phil be strong this time and make them pay. Gloria organizes a playdate with a couple that appears to have a lot in common with them – they also have a young son Joe’s age, but the husband is in his eighties and Jay takes it very personally. Elsewhere, Haley,Alex and Luke are surprised when Uncle Mitchell comes over to cash in on the birthday coupon they gave him for a belated celebration, so they scramble and end up on an impromptu tour of celebrity homes.

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Cam Teaches Lily How to Flirt
A Canadian family is staying at the bed and breakfast this week.  When they come downstairs to ask Cam a question about appropriate attire, Lily shys away and Cam can tell she has a crush.  Cam arranges for the visiting family to come over for dinner and tries to teach Lily how to flirt.

Jay Will Not Be Grouped with Walter
After Gloria thinks Jay and Walter have a lot in common, Jay tries his best to show how much younger he is than Walter (Guest Star Orson Bean).  Jay's digs at Walter causes Gloria to storm off.

Phil Reveals His Bet with Tom
Against Claire's wishes, Phil accidentally pays for the lunch bill.  Claire immediately asks Tom (Guest Star Keegan-Michael Key) why he never pays for meals and Phil decides to come clean.  Tom urges Phil not to reveal what the bet was but he tells them anyways.  Phil reveals that they've been secretly placing roasted crickets into their food

Mitchell Cashes in His Birthday Celebration Voucher
Haley, Alex and Luke scramble to honor their birthday voucher that they gave their Uncle Mitchell when they forgot to buy him a present. The trio decide to take Mitchell on a celebrity house tour using a star map. While visiting a previous house of Barbara Streisand, they meet guest star Ray Liotta. Ray Liotta explains that Barbara had only lived at that particular house for a few months and decides to help celebrate Mitchell's by taking him to Barbara Streisand's current home. Mitchell's birthday celebration is saved when he finally has a conversation with Barbara Streisand over the intercom.

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