Modern Family Recap: Alex Leaves for College

Modern Family Recap: Alex Leaves for College

Welcome to the Modern Family Recap of Season 7 Episode 2 "The Day Alex Left for College."  Alex (Ariel Winter) decided to avoid the awkward goodbye with her family and leave a full day before her original plan.  Lilly's soccer game causes Jay, Gloria, Manny and Claire to follow through with a lie.  Luke has a wardrobe makeover and a totally "original look."

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Luke's New Look:
Luke is trying out a new look that Phil believes is original just like his "frosted tips" from the 90's.  Phil is surprised to see that all of his friends have the same exact look when they arrive at the Dunphy house to talk to Luke.



Alex Has a New Roommmate
Alex can't stand her new roommate, Maisie, and decides to call her advisor for help. Before Alex can make the call, Haley (Sarah Hyland) takes her phone away. Haley tells Alex about the time Alex became her new roommate. She goes on to explain the importance of having a cheerleader in a competitive college environment.


Nobody Wants to Go to Lily's Soccer Game
Claire, Gloria, Manny and Jay can't figure out a way to fake Jay's foot injury. Gloria (Sofia Vergara) proposes actually shooting Jay (Ed O'Neill) in the foot with a pellet gun. Although Jay is against the idea, Gloria shoots him in the foot and claims it is an accident.


Mitchell's Coaching Debut
The head coach of Lily's soccer team couldnt make it ot the game.  The Assistant Coach, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Freguson), is thrown into role of head coach.  After a poor first half of Mitchell's soccer coaching debut, mothers and nannies of the other players take away Mitchell's coaching responsibilites. With Cameron's help, Mitchell is able regain his coaching position and coach the team to win the match.


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