FYC: Phil Dunphy

FYC: Phil Dunphy

Playing Phil Dunphy on Modern Family is no easy task, but Ty Burrell makes it seem effortless. So it's no surprise that his comedic genius has been recognized with a 2014 Emmy win! Ty has always been a winner in our hearts. To prove it, we have collected here, for your comedy consideration, some of Ty's most hilarious moments as Phil Dunphy.

When One Door Closes Another Window Opens: Phil may lose his keys often but that doesn't stop him from making a sale. Where there's a will there is a way in through the window.

He Knows How to Gutter-Done: Ty is a comic genius but Phil is a mad scientist. Check out his gutter-cleaning robot.



Preview 509: No Getters|There is no done in Dunphy!|The Dunphy kids are being a bunch of "no getters" so Phil gives a pep talk!

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