Episode #405 Music: "An Innocent Man"

Olivia Thwarts Rowan|You might be Command, but I have weapons you can't possibly possess.|Olivia won this round--Fitz decides not to hand Jake over to Rowan. So Rowan pays his daughter an angry visit at the pool and asks if she crossed him to save Jake. No, she crossed him to save Jake AND Fizt. Watch this boss scene from Season 4 Episode 6: An Innocent Man.


 Clip from Scandal featuring "Love and Happiness" by Al Green

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Episode #405: "An Innocent Man" 
Original Air-Date:  10/30/14
Song Artist Description of Use

"Summer Breeze" The Isley Brothers
At the sports club pool, Olivia cuts through the water, swimming awayher demons. Dream sequence - Olivia dreams about hot sex with two characters. Olivia reaches the edge of the pool and Rowan tells her to wake up.
"Love and Happiness" Al Green Cyrus is on the phone with Abby watching Mellie's Q&A. Quinn is able to open a locker. A blurry eyed Huck continues to play video games. Javi is on the other end of Huck's computer game. Fitz enters Jake's cell. Quinn enters with some evidence. Rowan tells Olivia something.

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