The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 13 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 13 of Shark Tank

An entrepreneur from St. Paul, Minnesota, pitches his innovative self-cleaning bedding, designed so a person can sleep comfortably all year round without having to change the sheets this week on "Shark Tank." A husband and wife from New York City introduce their twist on a traditional Italian food with their convenient gourmet snack. An entrepreneur from Santa Cruz, California, has the Sharks chilling as they try on his line of cool headwear designed to eliminate tension headaches; while a duo from Longbranch, New Jersey, demonstrates how one can turn any aluminum can of beer into a draft beer experience.

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Lori Greiner
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Daymond John
Kevin O'Leary

Jax Sheets

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night because you're so hot? After years of research, development, and testing, HercLeon products has created Jax Sheets, the perfect bed sheets for hot sleepers. Made out of bamboo, Jax Sheets are 3x more breathable than cotton sheets, and their groundbreaking material will keep you comfortable, even on hot nights. Our sheets come out of the packaging astonishingly soft, and are both hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Jax Sheets are durable, breathable, soft, smooth, and everything needed get the best night's sleep.

Pizza Cupcake

The Pizza Cupcake is a gourmet pizza snack revolutionizing the frozen snacks category by combining the deliciousness of authentic Italian pizza with the shape and size convenience of a cupcake. Made with premium ingredients, The Pizza Cupcake is flaky and savory, filled with fresh mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes, and wrapped in a trade-secret dough that's soft and light. Plus, it's quick to bake and easy to serve, so pizza lovers can now enjoy their favorite treat in even more ways and places than a traditional slice.


Nic Lamb started surfing at the age of 5 in Santa Cruz, California, and quickly built up a fearless reputation in the world of Big Wave Surfing. Nic is still competing full time on the Big Wave Tour—traveling around the globe chasing the biggest waves worldwide! Shortly after wiping-out surfing the largest wave in the world and sustaining a serious concussion, Nic suffered from terrible post-concussion migraine headache like symptoms for months after the accident. Frustrated with holding ice packs on his head for relief, Nic had a vision for better option creating IceBeanie, a wearable ice pack for your head. Nic found that the powerful combination of "Compression Cold Therapy" has not only incredible health benefits for the head, brain, and body, but also relieved and eliminated any head pain he was suffering! Excited that he was no longer suffering from Post-Concussion Migraine Headaches, Nic wanted to make IceBeanie, a safe natural drug-free solution for Migraine Headaches and Post-Concussion symptoms, available to everyone!

Draft Top

Draft Top is on a mission to elevate the canned experience. We were founded from the frustration of having to drink great quality beer out of capped aluminum cans. Simple science shows that you can't taste what you can't smell so we set out to release the aroma locked in cans. Draft Top is the world's first, patented, American made bar tool that is designed to safely remove the top of aluminum beverage cans. Now you can enjoy your beer, hard seltzer or any other beverage, as the brewer intended, all without needing a glass or wasting a plastic cup.

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