The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 15 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 15 of Shark Tank

First into the Tank are two friends from Mandeville, Louisiana, who introduce their bedding product designed to help bed-making more convenient this week on "Shark Tank." A trio of entrepreneurs from Hyattsville, Maryland, are on a mission to create a healthy lifestyle for families with their delicious plant-based take on a classic favorite food. An entrepreneur from New York City shows the Sharks an easy way to walk your dog without tracking dirt and germs, while another entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York, presents her fun educational app designed to help kids learn coding.

Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Kevin O'Leary
Barbara Corcoran
Daymond John

Better Bedder
The fast, easy, neat way to make any bed in seconds! No more lifting the heavy mattress to change your sheets. Your sheets will stay tucked all night. The Better Bedder.

Legendary Burgers
It's going down right now. A change in how we eat. A demand for food with nutrition and mind-bending flavor. Flavor that's changing the game. Flavor that's creating a legend. Flavor created by a seasoned chef, not a lab technician. Those other plant-based burgers don't even know what's about to happen. We're crafting food inspired by our original legend – mom. Mom went plant-based for her health. But the burgers she was eating were junk. That's not us. So, we stepped up. Creating plant-based food with flavor like no other. Making meals worthy of mom. Because if mom can't eat it, no one should. We are a black-owned company and proud of what we've created. Proud to be leading the way for everyone craving legendary flavor. This flavor will get you. For real, it's a whole other level of taste. Take a bite. There's no turning back to that bland life. This is the start. It's going down. Join the flavor movement. Fight to make Everything Legendary. Because taste is everything.

Walkee Paws
Walkee Paws are the world's first dog leggings designed for worry-free walks. Our better booties protect your pup's paws from hot pavements, rain, snow, and chemicals, while preventing germs, dirt, ticks, and allergens from entering your home. Featuring four-way stretch fabric for the ultimate canine comfort, our waterproof leggings come in fetching patterns, are easy to put on, and are guaranteed to stay on thanks to a patented over-the-back design.

Hopscotch is the leading coding app for kids aged 8 to 16, with over 33 million downloads and counting. There's no typing required - just drag and drop blocks of code, and in minutes you'll be making your own adventure games, puzzles, animated stories and more. Then, share your creations with our friendly community of fellow coders, and play their games too!

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