The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 22 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 22 of Shark Tank

An entrepreneur from New York City shows she has all the right pieces for a good business with her new way to experience art this week on "Shark Tank." A trio of entrepreneurs from Wichita, Kansas, put a little elbow grease into their presentation when they introduce their innovative cleaning tool to the Sharks. A mother and daughter duo from Virginia Beach, Virginia, proves vegan food doesn't have to be boring or non-indulgent, while a husband and wife duo from Edina, Minnesota, light up the room with their portable, rechargeable solar-powered device.

Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Robert Herjavec
Daniel Lubetzky
Kevin O'Leary


JIGGY is a new female-founded puzzle company that's reinventing the humble jigsaw and reconnecting people with downtime and mindfulness. Each puzzle features art by an emerging female artis who gets a percentage of every sale, comes in sustainable and elevated packaging, and includes specially formulated puzzle glue to keep and frame your masterpiece. JIGGY puzzles are art - in pieces. Unplug and unwind with these meditative and modern puzzles that support artists around the world.

The Scrubbie

The Scrubbie is a universal scrubbing attachment that can be used on a trigger-style or modern pull-down sprayer, or on any standard garden hose. It features a reversible sponge/scrubber tip that makes scrubbing dishes, removing dirt and grunge from outdoor items like deck furniture and windows, washing the car, and many, many other chores up to twice as fast as via traditional methods.

The Bumbling Bee

The Bumbling Bee Vegan Junkfood & Burger Bar is family owned by Cassandra Ayala & her daughters, Olivia, in Boulder, CO, and India, in Virginia Beach, VA. We specialize in shattering myths & blowing minds with unconventional expectations of twigs & berries! We offer 100% plant-based deliciousness with our two hives in Boulder Colorado and Virginia Beach, along with our two food trucks, Dixie & Daisy, available for catering & traveling for events!


The XTorch – One device that does it all! The XTorch is a tough, reliable, solar powered flashlight, lantern and back-up cell phone charger for off-grid and emergency use. It has been field-tested and deployed in the most remote world environments and under the harshest conditions to ensure that it works when you most need it. At least 25% of our retail sales' net profit goes to help fund XTorch donations to our International Relief Partners. Our mission is to bring mobile light and power to those who suffer without. We work in partnership with International Non-Profits Organizations, in support of their efforts in disaster relief, refugee aid, medical and general humanitarian outreach.

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