The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 24 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 24 of Shark Tank

A pair of entrepreneurs from Industry, California, pitch their innovative system which helps create a custom pillow based on your unique sleep profile this week on "Shark Tank." Two entrepreneurs from Ipswitch, Massachusetts, believe they've hit a hole-in-one with their natural and fun alternative to a traditional sport. Entrepreneurs from Plymouth, Michigan, take outdoor dining to another level when they float their grilling product idea by the Sharks, while a husband and wife duo from Boise, Idaho, stretch the boundaries of what it means to wear functional shoes with ease.

Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Robert Herjavec
Daniel Lubetzky
Kevin O'Leary

Pluto Pillow
Pluto Pillow is the first and only custom sleep pillow that's crafted to your body stats, how you sleep, and what you like. We leverage data through a proprietary process to help all sleepers take the guesswork out of pillow shopping and to maximize their sleep.

FlingGolf is a new sport for golf courses where players use a single FlingStick to throw a golf ball and shape every shot from tee to hole. It is easy to start, a challenge to master, and can be played seamlessly with traditional golf.  FlingGolf players are bringing a new, young energy to golf courses across the US and the globe.

Float'N'Grill is a totally new and unique way of grilling while out on the water. It's perfect for sandbars, river floats, kayakers, and even fishermen. The Float'N'Grill allows you to cook burgers, hotdogs, brats, and even steak right on the water! No need to worry about making a mess on your boat or being tied to one place while grilling. The Float'N'Grill will go just about anywhere you go.

The Original Stretchlace
The Original Stretchlace are elastic shoe laces that turn every shoe or boot into a slip-on. With ultimate convenience, Stretchlaces elevates comfort and allows you to slip your shoes on and off without sacrificing style. Transform your routine and get freedom from the mundane task of tying with The Original Stretchlace!

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