The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 7 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 7 of Shark Tank

Cousins from Houston, Texas, prove it's go big or go home with their line of giant, inflatable holiday ornaments this week on "Shark Tank." A husband and wife from Normal, Illinois, have come up with a solution for his lingering in the bathroom. An entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, Utah, shares his unique way to shred on the slopes, while an entrepreneur from Windham, New Hampshire, alerts the Sharks to a safety hazard for kids in the winter.

Barbara Corcoran
Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Daymond John
Kevin O'Leary

Holiball, The Inflatable Ornament™ is a larger than life, inflatable, deflatable, reusable ornament that will make your neighbors think twice about their Christmas Cheer.  These bright, bold ornaments are ready to make a BIG holiday statement.  Made for indoor/outdoor use.  Available in 18" and 30" diameter and 22 colors.

Toilet Timer
The Toilet Timer by Katamco is the perfect gift for the poo-crastinator in your life. Originally born on Kickstarter, the Toilet Timer is a cleverly designed sand timer that gives your favorite stinker 5 minutes to "poop or get off the pot!" Katamco isn't only passionate about potty humor, they also created the premier line of 1UPcard cleaning products for retro video games and systems.

Creating a new option for people wanting to hit the slopes this winter, ODR & DYNAMIC WAX makes getting on the mountain a super fun hassle-free experience.

Buckle Me Baby
Buckle Me Baby Coats are car seat friendly coats that go on at home and stay on safely in the car seat. Experts at the NHTSA and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend taking traditional coats off due to the danger the puffiness creates in a crash. Buckle Me Baby Coats ingenious side and shoulder seam opening makes it fast and easy for parents to leave cozy warm coats on and buckle their little ones safely all at the same time!

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