The Strange Travels of Ashley S.

The Strange Travels of Ashley S.

Ashley S. did not receive a rose from Chris Soules on Week 4 of The Bachelor, but she certainly had time to make her mark. Whether she was getting existential or just plain baffling everyone around her, Ashley stuck out among the ladies in the mansion -- for better or worse. Here, we'll break down her time on the show.

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The Woman: The 24-year-old from Brooklyn hopped out of the limo on Arrivals Night and put a lucky penny in Chris's shoe. Maybe it was a little weird that she wanted to put it in there herself, but okay, whatever, no big deal. Chris. But later that night, once she felt like she hadn't gotten enough time with Chris, things started to turn. She tried to ply Brittany away from Chris by giving her a flower, and then she talked about onions? And pomegranates? Maybe she was just hungry, but it got weird:

She also had a few confusing things to say about geography that night when Kaitlyn and Kelsey were discussing the fact that Kaitlyn is from Canada:


How She Got This Far: Much ink has been spilled on the subject of what makes a woman attractive to a man, and many say that men crave mystery. Between her odd behavior on Arrivals Night and her repeat performance after the paintball game in Week 2, Ashley was definitely shaping up to be a mystery, and Chris agreed:


Where It Went Wrong: Beyond the fact that Chris just didn't feel like the romantic connection was there, we can only really speculate on why Chris didn't give Ashley a rose in Week 4 -- he never really spelled it out. But perhaps he just couldn't crack the mystery that Ashley presented, as she moved between cryptic behavior and endearing, assertive maneuvers to get time with Chris, like this one below:

All we know is that Chris didn't feel they had chemistry, and at the end of the day, that's what he's here for. So we reluctantly bid farewell to Ashley, because regardless of how you feel about her, she was certainly never boring.