Bachelor Spoilers & Highlights: Week 9

Bachelor Spoilers & Highlights: Week 9

Chris Soules took his search for love international in Week 9 of The Bachelor, when Becca, Kaitlyn, and Whitney traveled to Bali as Chris continued to sort out his feelings for the three remaining ladies.

Things started off on the lighter side, as Chris and Kaitlyn took a walk through the streets of the local town, and were accosted by a group of very aggressive monkeys who may or may not have bladder problems:

Kaitlyn had been aware she was keeping her guard up to come extent throughout this process, but in Bali she finally broke down and told Chris she was falling in love with him, and finally let herself be vulnerable:

Whitney and Chris had a great day as well, taking a boat out to cruise the seas surrounding Bali. But it got more serious that night when Chris told Whitney "there's nothing to do in Arlington" -- so how exactly will this Chicago resident who loves her job as a fertility nurse manage out on the farm?

Becca's date went well too, but she had a big secret looming over her the entire time: She'a a virgin. With the Fantasy Suite on the line, Becca decided it was the right time to tell Chris. Here's his reaction:

Chris woke up from his date with Becca confused as to whether or not she was 1) ready to get married, and 2) ready to move to Arlington. So Chris had a lot to think about heading into the Rose Ceremony. Once he had a chance to talk to her, his mind was made up: Becca was staying. Chris chose to give the final rose to Whitney, meaning Kaitlyn was heading home. Their final conversation was a total heartbreaker, as the normally upbeat Kaitlyn was almost completely silent as Chris explains their breakup:

So Becca and Whitney are headed back to Arlington to meet Chris's family -- and after that, Chris will make his decision. But first, tune in MONDAY 8|7c for the Women Tell All episode, as all the bachelorettes reconvene to dish the dirt on Chris and each other!

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