Becca's Journey on The Bachelor

Becca's Journey on The Bachelor

It's hard to believe that our Bachelor Chris is already to the point where he's got to choose a woman to marry (though we're sure the time went by even faster for him). But that time is upon us, and Chris has eliminated all but two of the 30(!) bachelorettes that stepped out of the limo on Arrivals Night. The two that remain? Becca and Whitney. Here we'll recount Becca's journey from Arrivals Night to possibly becoming Chris's fiancee.

If you'll recall, on The Bachelor's 2015 season premiere, 15 women arrived, and then Chris went inside to chat them up. Speculation raged that maybe there would only be 15 women this season. That wasn't the case, so by the time Becca's limo pulled up, the other ladies were a bit irritated that more competition was on its way. And judging by Chris's initial recation to Becca, they had reason for concern:

In Week 3, guest host Jimmy Kimmel set up a farm-themed obstacle course for the group date. Carly finished first and got some extra 1-on-1 time with Chris, but it was Becca who took home the group date rose that night, so she had clearly stayed on Chris's radar. In Week 4, we actually leanred something about Becca that Chris didn't yet know: She's a virgin. Kaitlyn's face when she learns that there are two virgins in the house (Ashley I. being the other) is priceless:

Becca got her first 1-on-1 date in Week 6 in Deadwood, where she and Chris went horseback riding through the woods in South Dakota. And though the two hadn't had a ton of time together, they both felt that they were able to progress their relationship despite that fact:

Either way, Becca definitely kept it drama-free in the house, leaving the squabbles and rumors to the other ladies. (Come to think of it, Whitney, Chris's other possible fiancee, stayed out of most of the arguments as well, so maybe that's Chris's type.) And if that was her strategy, it paid off, as Becca made it to the Hometown Dates in Week 8 and brought Chris back home to Louisiana to meet her family. That was the first time that we heard Becca mention the L-word:

Chris felt the same, giving Becca a ticket to Bali for the Overnight Dates in Week 9. That's a huge win to be sure, but it also brought into focus an interesting event for The Bachelor -- a virgin in the Fantasy Suite. Becca wasn't sure how Chris would take the news, but you can watch how the revelation went down right here:

Obviously, it went all right because Becca is now one of two ladies traveling back to Iowa to meet Chris's family, and possibly, to accept a proposal from the Bachelor. So will it be Becca or Whitney? Tune in MONDAY 8|7c and see for yourself!

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