Whitney's Journey on The Bachelor

Whitney's Journey on The Bachelor

Our fair Bachelor Chris was blessed with 30 bachelorettes all vying to be Mrs. Soules, but now he's eliminated all but two of them. After nine weeks filled with tough decisions and a lot of tears, Chris must choose between Becca and Whitney, making one of them his wife, and sending the other home. Here we'll recount Whitney's journey from Arrivals Night to possibly becoming Chris's fiancee.

Whitney showed up on The Bachelor's 2015 season premiere ready for love -- here's a look at her pre-Bachelor life:

Whitney was pretty sure that Chris would be a good fit for her based on what she'd seen of him on The Bachelorette. So when she met him on Arrivals Night, she was eager to say hello and already seemed to have a sort of familiarity with the new Bachelor:

Chris seemed to be into her right off the bat as well, giving her a 1-on-1 date fairly early, in Week 3. Guest host Jimmy Kimmel had something planned for their date, but she and Chris spotted a wedding nearby and decided to crash it instead of going on their actual date:

Whether it was the wedding atmosphere or just good ol' fashioned chemistry, after that date, Chris definitely seemed to have developed a pretty serious fondness for Whitney after that date. In Week 5 in Santa Fe, one of the women who had previously been eliminated, Jordan, showed up at the group date, which made things pret-ty awkward. Unlike many of the other women, who got heated about the whole situation, Whitney played it cool, and was rewarded with the group date rose.

Whitney got her second 1-on-1 date in Week 7 when the group traveled to Iowa. She made a good impression on Chris's friends, and that connection set her up to make babies with Chris on her Hometown Date in Week 8. Wait, what? Okay, they didn't move quite that fast -- but they did make babies in a lab when Chris visited Whitney's place of work (she's a fertility nurse):

By this point, Whitney was feeling great about their relationship. She had a sweet heart-to-heart with her grandma about Chris while Chris was off talking to some of Whitney's other family members. Whitney was in love, but her grandma was still worried about Whitney getting hurt:

So things were moving along pretty fast. On the Overnight Dates in Week 9, Chris felt like he had to lay out the truth for Whitney about his hometown -- there's not much to do there, and keeping her job, which Whitney is quite passionate about, might not be possible. But she said she was ready for the change:

So Whitney is definitely ready for a proposal -- but will she get it, or will it go to Becca? Tune in MONDAY 8|7c and see for yourself!

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