The Bachelor Recap: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Crash Ben Higgins' First Date

The Bachelor Recap: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Crash Ben Higgins' First Date

It’s Week 2 of Bachelor Ben’s ongoing journey to find true love and we have you covered with this week's The Bachelor recap. There are so many women to choose from, yet so few roses to hand out. Ben gets a little dating help from Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. In addition to a ride along, an unexpected threesome ends up in a hot tub. Let’s see what happened in the highlights of the night!

Ride Along 4: Movie stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, fresh from the set of Ride Along 2, join Ben on his date with Caila. Things get off to a rollicking start with some haggling over flowers (thanks, Kevin Hart) and a trip to the liquor store (thanks, Ice Cube). Then the action spills over into the hot tub. Check it out!

DELETED SCENE: The Bachelorettes Learn Russian

Big Bachelor on Campus: Welcome to Bachelor High! Ben greets 10 ladies at a high school where there’s an apple-bobbing event in the cafeteria. Nutrition in the schools is a hot topic these days, so this was a solid public service message. Geography class had the ladies trying to place Ben’s home state of Indiana on a map. Some of them have obviously never watched The Middle.

Laced with Tears: The ladies are a little ticked that a rose-bearing Olivia still seems to be scoring all sorts of time with Ben. Lace calls her out on it even though she stole Ben from Mandi. Later, Lace makes her way to Ben to explain her “bold personality” but feels the “insecure Lace” she let out ruined her chances with Ben. She leaves their conversation in tears.

DELETED SCENE: The Bachelor Meets The Breakfast Club

Smells Like Love: Group Date #2 includes a visit to The Lab to test six bachelorettes to see who among them has the best connection to Ben. There’s a smell test because, as we all know, the nose knows love. Take a whiff at this clip.

When Ya Gotta Go: The Rose Ceremony took an interesting turn when LB declined the rose that was offered to her. That meant Ben had an extra rose to hand out to someone who may have been heading home. Even with that going for them, three lovely ladies still had to bid adieu to The Bachelor.

Received Roses




Caila (One-on-One Date Rose)





JoJo (Group Date #1 Rose)



Lauren B

Lauren H


Olivia (Group Date #2 Rose)



Did Not Receive a Rose


LB (did not accept a rose)





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