The Bachelor Recap: Another Contestant Walks Away in Episode 3

The Bachelor Recap: Another Contestant Walks Away in Episode 3

Get ready for The Bachelor recap for Season 20, Episode 3. The stunning departure of Lauren, LB, who refused Ben’s rose, set the Bachelor back on his heels momentarily, but there are 17 women, who are anxious to spend time with Ben—some more than others and one not at all. Let’s see what went down in Week 3 of Bachelor 2016!

Jubilee v. Amber: Jubilee jokes about having someone else go on the date because she’s afraid of heights. The other ladies didn’t find the comment very funny. Amber makes sure she’s completely aware of this.

Layers: Prior to the showdown with Amber, Jubilee was happy to get a genuine laugh out of Ben, but also wants to make sure he’s able to relax. Hugging and kissing in a peaceful pool is one way to release some tension. Later, Jubilee opens up about her difficult past.

Fat Toes & What Olivia Knows: The ladies get ticked when Olivia steals Ben away for some private time in a hotel room. A discussion about this aggressive bachelorette’s fat toes ensues. 

Foot in Mouth: Things take a dramatic turn when Ben announces that two people he was close with back home passed away. Olivia steals him right away, but not to comfort him. Instead she opts to talk about her ankles. Or… cankles!

So, Where Was Kevin Hart?!: For their one-on-one date, Ben and Lauren B land in a secluded spot where a hot tub awaits. And, no, Kevin Hart wasn’t there this time. Guess that’s why there was a lot more kissing. The date ends with a private performance by Lucy Angel, not to mention a rose for Lauren B.

Lace Makes Her Case: After several unusual turns in the mansion amongst the ladies, Ben can see how intense and emotional things are getting. Enter Lace!

Elimination Devastation: Who went home in Week 3? Let’s find out!

Rose Received


Amber (Group Date Rose)







Jubilee (One-on-One Date Rose)

Lauren B (One-on-One Date Rose)

Lauren H




No Rose Offered



Quit the Competion




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Get the full scoop on Week 3 of The Bachelor and watch the full episode right here. Olivia is feeling good about all the subtle hints Ben is reportedly giving her on the sly. So why is she having such a major meltdown in Week 4? We’ll find out on the next all-new episode of The Bachelor MONDAY 8|7c on ABC. Can’t wait that long? Then hold onto your cankles and check out this sneak peek!

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