The Bachelor Spoilers Week 6: Ben Sends Olivia Home, Bachelorettes Go Swimming with Pigs

The Bachelor Spoilers Week 6: Ben Sends Olivia Home, Bachelorettes Go Swimming with Pigs

Grab those piña coladas and get ready for The Bachelor recap for Season 20, Episode 6. Warning: Bachelor spoilers ahead! The Bahamas serve as the next romantic backdrop for Ben’s pursuit of his soulmate during Week 6 of The Bachelor. But first things first: when we last saw Ben and the ladies, drama had reached an all-time high with Olivia. What happened next? Check out all of the highlights from Week 6 of Bachelor 2016!

Rose-Colored Glasses: We pick up right where we left off from last week’s cliffhanger and the tension is palpable as Ben faces off with Olivia about her behavior. The other women are relieved, but will Ben give her a rose or send her home? No, much to their dismay, Olivia manages to keep the coveted rose.

Bahama Mamas: After Olivia returns, a rose ceremony must be had. Unfortunately, Jennifer is sent home. The remaining women pack their swimsuits and head to the Bahamas. Caila is chosen for a one-on-one date with Ben – and Leah is NOT happy. She feels it’s past time for her to have a one-on-one with the Bachelor. Meanwhile, on their date, Caila and Ben go deep-sea fishing. Caila is reticent to open up with Ben, confusing him even more about their potential future together. She’s afraid she’s going to hurt him. In the end, Caila manages to get Ben to understand her feelings and he offers her a rose.

When Pigs Fly…er, Swim: Time for the most dramatic (and hilarious) group date ever! Six excited bachelorettes travel to a deserted island to spend the day with Ben. If only the island’s swimming pigs didn’t suddenly show up to join in the fun! As Ben’s connection with some women becomes stronger, Leah becomes very jealous and starts to question whether her relationship with the handsome Bachelor is for real.

Nothing’s Coming Up Roses: At that night’s after party Leah attempts to get Ben’s attention at the expense of Lauren B’s reputation. After the group date, Leah decides to sneak over to Ben’s bachelor pad for some secret one-on-one time. But her plan backfires. While he initially had a spark with Leah, it’s since fizzled. He tells Leah it’s time for her to leave. Heartbroken and confused, Leah tearfully packs her bags and leaves.

Olivia vs. Emily: Finally, the dreaded two-on-one date card arrives and Olivia and Emily are pitted against each other. The two head off with Ben to a rain-swept tropical island! Olivia is as confident as ever and tells Ben she’s falling in love with him. But imagine Olivia’s surprise when Ben tells her he doesn’t see a future with her. After he says goodbye to Olivia, Ben offers Emily a rose and the twin accepts.

The Results Are In…: Even though Ben faces some difficult decisions, he cancels the cocktail party, leaving the women anxious and unsure of their connections with him.  In the end, he says goodbye to one more lady: Lauren H. Six women remain. Who will accompany Ben to his hometown of Warsaw, IN? See the results below!

Roses Received

Amanda (Group Date Rose)


Caila (One-on-One Date Rose)

Emily (Two-on-One Date Rose)


Lauren B.

No Rose Offered




Lauren H.


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