The Matchelor: Jimmy Kimmel Helps Former Bachelor Contestant Find Love

The Matchelor: Jimmy Kimmel Helps Former Bachelor Contestant Find Love

The Bachelor has a pretty good track record when it comes to making love connections...for the Bachelor, at least. But what about the 25 women who don't get picked? They're forced to just, what, date random people that they just stumble across in the course of their lives? Like commoners?!? It's America's secret shame that no one wants to discuss in polite company. Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel and his aptly named late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live have decided to do something about the legions of former Bachelor cast members who were tossed aside on the show, now forced into inhumane conduct to find love, such as chatting up handsome strangers or futilely swiping right on suitors who are definitely lying about their height on their bios. 

The Matchelor's Danielle M on The Bachelor with Nick Viall

Jimmy Kimmel has created The Matchelor, where they will figure out what former bachelorettes are looking for in a mate, find a few folks that kinda sorta have those things, and match them up to live their best lives together. Jimmy's first recruit was Danielle M, who you might remember from Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor and the subsequent season of Bachelor in Paradise. (Or, perhaps, the video above.) He gave himself four episodes to find Danielle a mate, and then her love connection would be revealed in a thrilling live final event on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Did it work? Watch the five-part series of The Matchelor below and find out!

The Matchelor, Part 1: Jimmy Gets to Know Danielle

The Matchelor, Part 2: Meeting Dustin

The Matchelor, Part 3: Meeting Brian

The Matchelor, Part 4: Meeting Caleb

The Matchelor, Part 5: The Thrilling Live Finale

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