The Bachelor 2019 Recap: The Women Tell All

The Bachelor 2019 Recap: The Women Tell All

If you gave us only three words to describe the Season 23 Women Tell All episode, we would go with: drama, drama, drama. Because—spoiler alert—there was a lot of drama flying around. When was the last time you watched a grown woman jam a pacifier into another woman's mouth? (No judgments, but hoping the answer is "never.") But there were also a lot of emotional moments that brought a tear to our eye. We can't possibly do it all justice, so you can watch The Bachelor season 23, Women Tell All episode right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for highlights and spoilers on The Bachelor 2019!

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Breakups and Breakdowns

First, to ride the wave of Bachelor Colton Underwood's crushing breakup with Cassie from Week 9Chris Harrison introduced with this retrospective of the most memorable, devastating, and sometimes just plain mean moments in Bachelor history:

So though as far as we know Colton is alone in the Portuguese countryside, fending off wild animals and harvesting berries to survive, he's not alone in his heartbreak. Not sure if that's helpful with rabid coyotes, but it's something.

In case you were wondering whether Onyeka and Nicole healed their relationship after calling each other bullies in Week 5, the answer is No. It did come out that Nicole had once said that Elyse wasn't pretty enough to get a rose from Colton, which is 1) pretty rude, and 2) pretty false, since she not only got a rose but also a 1-on-1 date. Nicole later had a turn in the hot seat to address her volatile emotions, and Chris even gave her free ice cream for a year, so she probably came out on top there. 

Katie finally named names and confirmed that she was indeed talking about Cassie and Caelynn when she told Colton some girls weren't serious about marriage. Caelynn said that she and Katie even had a conversation about that after the show, and that Katie totally agreed that she was wrong about that—which Katie STRONGLY denied, adding that she was shaking with anger about these lies. So were they there for the right reasons? Guess it depends on who you believe. 

Likewise, Courtney and Demi have not made amends after their tiff on the show, though Demi clarified that Courtney was not "the cancer of the house," but instead, was more like bedbugs: You forget about it, and then it irritates you. Charming!

Hot Seat Time

Hannah B gave an inspirational speech about love after Colton let her go in Week 7, and she talked more about how her experience on the show changed her for the better:

Caelynn also got a chance to talk about her experience, and though she was still visibly heartbroken over Colton, she said being able to tell her story as a sexual assault survivor on the show was a positive one as well:

Jumping the Fence and Beyond

Colton came back out and told the tale of jumping the fence and being grateful for a fleeting moment of quiet and isolation, but didn't really give us any clues as to what happens next: 

He didn't even say anything about befriending that one rabid Portuguese coyote out there in the wilds that night, and how they gazed into each other's eyes and reached, well, not quite a friendship, but certainly a mutual respect for one another before they each nodded their heads silently, and went their separate ways.

We did, however, get some bloopers: 

And of course, a sneak peek at what promises to be one of the most enigmatic and thrilling finales in Bachelor history:

The TWO-NIGHT LIVE FINALE EVENT STARTS MONDAY 8|7c! Come see what happens when Colton comes back and practically upends the entire format of the show. Until next week...

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