Will Vanessa Win The Bachelor? 5 Best Moments With Nick Viall

Will Vanessa Win The Bachelor? 5 Best Moments With Nick Viall

The Bachelor finale 2017 is quickly approaching and Nick Viall's journey is down to the final two, Raven and Vanessa. While it remains to be determined whether or not the seasoned Bachelor gets his happily ever after, it is undeniable the two contestants left have truly captivated his heart. In preparation for the finale airing MONDAY, MARCH 13 at 8|7c, let's take a look at one of the love stories. Vanessa has kept Nick on his toes right from the start and challenges him in ways like no woman has before. The special education teacher knows how to keep this Bachelor on his toes. Here's Nick and Vanessa's Bachelor journey of love.

A Soaring Start

Nick and Vanessa's first one-on-one date took the couple to new heights with a trip on a Zero G plane. When Vanessa got sick on the ride, Nick was the ultimate gentleman. It was evident, their bond was special as Nick showered his lady with affection and care, never leaving her side.

Vanessa Puts Nick on the Spot

One of the qualities Nick admires most about Vanessa is she isn't afraid to speak her mind. She did just that after watching Nick and Corinne get a little too physical at a pool party. There was no way Vanessa was going to let another woman pounce on her man! She made it clear she would only stay if he was serious about finding true love not lust.

Vanessa's Emotional Student Run In

Nick already knew what a special woman Vanessa was, but getting a glimpse of her in action with her students took things to a new level. Hearts melted everywhere as Vanessa shared how important her career is with Nick.

Hot To Cold

The pair experienced a lot of firsts together. In Finland things cooled down just as quickly as they heated up when Vanessa and Nick experienced their first ice bath together. Thank goodness for the sauna afterwards! 

Tough Questions

Nick and Vanessa's relationship was put to the test when the future was discussed. As a Canadian who is really close to her family, Vanessa wanted to make sure Nick knew if the two ended up together, she expected her traditional values to be preserved.

Who wins the Bachelor? Who receives the final rose; Raven or Vanessa? Find out on the dramatic conclusion of The Bachelor MONDAY, MARCH 13 at 8|7c on ABC.

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