Lauren B. and Ben Higgins Love Story on The Bachelor 2016

Lauren B. and Ben Higgins Love Story on The Bachelor 2016

The Bachelor Season 20 and Ben Higgins' journey to find love is coming to an end. Now he is down to the final two contestants, Lauren B. and JoJo, and for the first time ever the Bachelor has told two women he loves them. Both bachelorettes have their own unique and special relationships with Ben, so deciding between the two won't be easy for the Bachelor. In preparation for the finale airing MONDAY MARCH 14 8|7c, let's take a look at one of the love stories. Ben and Lauren B. connected minute one, here's the couple's trip to "I love you."

Meet Lauren B.

From the second viewers got a glimpse of the bubbly, active, blonde, flight attendant from Marina Del Rey, Lauren B. seemed like a good fit for Ben. When she stunned him being the first of his contending bachelorettes out of the limo, it just soldified the deal. Lauren B. gave Ben a wing pin as a gift when they met and their love affair has been soaring ever since. 

First One-on-One Date

In Week 3, Ben whisked Lauren B. on a one-on-one date to remember complete with a risky stunt-plane ride, private hot tub trip and romantic concert by country star Lucy Angel. However, it wasn't all fun and high flying adventures. Ben and Lauren B. really connected on another level when Ben opened up about his father's recent heart surgery. In this moment the couple really started to bond over their shared family values.

Secret Rendezvous

It became clear the two had a very special connection when Ben stole Lauren away during a group date for a secret rendezvous in Mexico City. The chemistry was electric between the pair as they made out in the streets of the magical town. 

Mean Girls

Of course, when you are one of the standouts in a group of women competing for a man's attention, you are bound to make the others jealous. When Leah attacked Lauren B. for acting one way around the Bachelor and another around the other contestants, Ben stood up for his lady. The brief drama just made the couple's bond that much stronger. 

Love Birds

Lauren B.'s fear of falling in love with Ben was overcome when the handsome software salesman confessed the feeling was mutual saying the special three words every woman wants to hear. 

Breakfast in Bed

Ben followed up I love you's and spending the night with Lauren B. with an intimate breakfast in bed. The two spent their final moments alone before finale and possible proposal day starring lovingly into each other's eyes. Their connection is undeniable. Is it just puppy love or is she wife material? Time will tell. 

Whose love connection is stronger with Ben, JoJo's or Lauren B.'s? Find out in the dramatic conclusion of The Bachelor MONDAY, MARCH 14 8|7c.


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