A Preview of Season 19 of The Bachelor

A Preview of Season 19 of The Bachelor

Chris Soules, whom you are officially allowed to refer to as "Prince Farming," didn't win Andi Dorfman's heart on The Bachelorette. As you can see from the clip above, Chris handled the breakup about as well as anyone could, and was pretty damn classy about the whole thing. That definitely made an impression on women across the country, so now Chris's consolation prize as the star of Season 19 of The Bachelor (besides being the star of Season 19 of The Bachelor), is a record thirty -- yes, 30 -- ladies vying for his love when the show returns to ABC with the SEASON PREMIERE MONDAY JANUARY 5 8|7c.

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Your prize is getting to watch what promises to be one of the most emotionally charged seasons of the show to date. Look forward to an episode guest-hosted by Jimmy Kimmel (he also plans their date!), a concert by country stars Big & Rich, and a romantic trip to Bali for the Overnight Dates.

The premiere kicks off as Chris Harrison hosts a first-time live premiere event with a studio audience and past fan favorites from The Bachelor and Bachelorette series. Get ready for some behind-the-scenes action and a peek at the new ladies ready to claim Chris. When the arrivals start, and 15 women show up, which is... kind of on the low side, right? That's okay, they start the evening and Chris gets to know some of the ladies.

And then 15 more arrive. Which obviously delights the first 15 bachelorettes, who are excited to make new friends! Right? Yeah, not so much.

One woman in trouble might not even make it through the first night, and another from the 22 who makes it through Arrivals Night pulls Chris aside for what will be one of the most dramatic twists in Bachelor history. Seriously.

There's plenty more to look forward to, from bikini tractor races, zombie paintball shootouts, some light wedding crashing and, of course, twists and turns at every step of the way -- even during the Overnights.

We'll be releasing the full list of bachelorettes soon so you can get to know them a little better and start deciding who you think is right for Chris! For more information on Season 19, read the full release below:















For the First Time in Bachelor History, the Emotionally Charged


19th Season Will Kick Off with a Live Premiere Event


For One Episode, Jimmy Kimmel is Guest Host




This Season’s Highlights Include a Private Concert by Chart-Topping Country Artists Big and Rich, and Romantic Excursions Across America, plus a Spectacular Trip to Bali for the


Seductive Overnight Dates



Chris Soules, the handsome successful “Prince Farming,” introduced himself to last season’s Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, and female fans fell hard for the soft spoken man with a heart of gold. This dreamboat farmer and wealthy businessman from Iowa is looking to fall in love and bring his wife back home. Chris truly believes he can find the right woman who will love him and share a life with him in the small Iowa town of Arlington. So, with the support of his family and the state of Iowa rooting for him, Chris is ready to begin the search for his soul mate, choosing from a record 30 beautiful bachelorettes when the 19th edition of “The Bachelor” premieres MONDAY, JANUARY 5(8:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. 

Chris Harrison hosts this first-time live premiere event with a studio audience and past fan favorites from The Bachelor and Bachelorette series, as Bachelor Nation goes behind-the-scenes of Chris Soules’ everyday life and an up-close-and-personal look at some of the bachelorettes around the country who will try and capture his heart.


In “Episode 1901,” our Bachelor, who is living right next door to the mansion this season, is filled with anticipation and excitement. Fifteen stunning bachelorettes from around the country try to make a lasting first impression. One woman gives him a bear hug he won’t soon forget. A fun-loving country gal shows up in “Daisy Dukes” and cowboy boots. A mysterious secret admirer blindfolds Chris before he can see her and slips inside. Will he be able to find her? A woman with an unusual career brings him a medical cooler with a surprise inside. A six-foot tall striking blonde roars up on a motorcycle wearing a beautiful evening gown – and biker boots. 


But suddenly, Chris Harrison has a surprise – it’s time to start the party – but with only 15 bachelorettes? The women are equally shocked, but anxious to get the Bachelor’s attention, which some of them do with sexy moves. The first impression rose makes its appearance and it looks like the end of the night, but the evening has actually just gotten started. Harrison lures Chris away because there are 15 more women about to make their entrances. The original group of bachelorettes can only look on in horror as a seemingly endless parade of beautiful bachelorettes arrive and want to take over the scene, and the Bachelor. The party almost comes to a standstill when one beauty lets the pressure get to her and almost has a meltdown.


Thirty women – an all-time high – compete for the first impression rose. Chris finally offers the coveted rose to one bachelorette, who is surprised to be singled out of this group of outstanding lovely ladies.


A long, stressful night ends with the first rose ceremony of the season. However, there is one woman who is in trouble and might not make it through the night. In the end, a total of 22 women will toast to finding love with Chris. However, in a shocking turn of events, one woman pulls the Bachelor aside for what will be one of the most dramatic twists in Bachelor history.

A list of the bachelorettes will be released shortly.

Romantic and adventurous dates will reach new heights this season, testing the ladies’ perseverance in pursuing their romantic objective, along with fun, exciting and exotic dates that will elicit real and raw passions. Six women join Chris for the first date of the season at a pool party, but are shocked to find out that they will compete in a tractor race – in their bikinis. Eleven vivacious bachelorettes join Chris on an “apocalyptic” playground for a paintball shootout against some frightening zombies. Jimmy Kimmel surprises Bachelor Chris by taking over the show. Jimmy plans a date, brings a greased pig and even winds up in a hot tub. What happens when one of Chris’ dates convince him to crash a nearby wedding? In a very special date inspired by Disney’s new movie, “Cinderella,” Chris’ sisters help to choose which lady is most deserving of a fairy godmother makeover and a night at the ball she won't forget. It will be a magical date with Chris, but will the glass slipper fit? It’s a down-and-dirty trip to San Francisco for six bachelorettes, who are challenged to a grueling mud run – wearing wedding dresses, but it’s all for charity. The remaining women hit the road to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and are tested during a white water rafting group date, while one woman must overcome her fear of heights after she is selected for a romantic hot air balloon trip. Then it’s onto Deadwood, South Dakota, where celebrated county singers Big and Rich, throw down the gauntlet at a group date that leaves the women speechless. However, they also treat Chris and one fortunate bachelorette to a private concert. Chris takes one thrilled lady to visit his Arlington, Iowa, hometown for a big Friday night football game at his high school alma mater. The hometown dates are filled with emotions and revelations, but when the final three women travel to exotic Bali for the romantic overnight dates, there are even more shocking surprises awaiting our unsuspecting Bachelor. As in the past, women will continue to be eliminated each week, but if at any point a woman should decide that she’s no longer interested in the Bachelor, she can reject his invitation to continue dating. Some lucky women will meet his family, and he will visit their hometowns for a slice of their lives in an effort to determine the woman with whom he is most compatible.