Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Bachelor Chris Soules's Speech to Britt

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Bachelor Chris Soules's Speech to Britt

If you think Chris Soules did a lot talking but didn't make a lot of sense during his conversation with Britt during the January 26 episode of The Bachelor, you’re not alone.

In fact, the bachelor’s attempt at defending himself against Britt’s claim that he was validating questionable behavior—specifically, Kaitlyn taking her clothes off—was so bizarre that Jimmy Kimmel took to a chalkboard to break it down line by, well, rambling line.

Let's just say that “Or and I view is that a maybe…um” isn't exactly debate team material.

Jimmy Kimmel's Chalkboard Breakdown - The Bachelor Explains Himself|Recently on "The Bachelor" Britt confronted Chris.|Recently on "The Bachelor" Britt confronted Chris because she did not like what was going on between him and Kaitlyn. Chris’ response was so profound that Jimmy thought it might be best to use a chalkboard to break it down.


Despite Britt confronting Chris and making him visibly uncomfortable, the bachelor decides to give her a rose—but he makes her sweat it out, as she is the last bachelorette he calls during the rose ceremony.

Will this recent drama follow the pair into next week’s episode? The two are slated to have a one-on-one date but if their awkward conversation doesn’t have a negative impact on their time together, it looks like Britt’s crippling fear of heights might!

Sneak Peek 2/2: Britt's Scared of Her 1-on-1 Date|Also, fun fact: She hates showering.|After Britt and Carly discuss Britt's reluctance to shower (apparently it's been weeks), the date card arrives, and it says, "Britt -- the sky's the limit!" Sounds great, except that Britt is terrified of heights. From Week 5 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

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