Deleted Scenes: Season 19, Week 8

Deleted Scenes: Season 19, Week 8

With hometown dates taking place on the February 16 episode of The Bachelor, there were plenty of heartfelt and hilarious moments with the ladies' families—but not all of them made the final cut. Check out these deleted scenes to hear Whitney's sweet chat with her grandmother, and to see the head-turning outfit that Kaitlyn's mom gave her in preparation for a trip to the fantasy suite!

Mother Knows Best

Kaitlyn's mom prepares her for a potential trip to the fantasy suite by giving her daughter a risquè outfit to wear on the romantic night. So, is it lingerie? Let's just say the look will definitely pique Chris's interest. 

Kaitlyn's Fantasy Suite Style|Kaitlyn's mom has just the thing for her to wear for Chris.|Kaitlyn's mom gives her an outfit to wear in case she makes it to the Fantasy Suite -- and the two ladies have a good laugh, in this deleted scene from Week 8 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

Sweets For Her Sweet

Jade takes Chris to the bakery in her hometown, where her comments about Chris's family and Arlington are just as sweet as the treats the two munch on. 

Jade and Chris Talk Hometowns|A serious talk about family and the future.|Jade takes Chris to a bakery in her hometown for a talk about Chris's hometown and meeting their respective families in this deleted scene from Week 8 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

Rap It Up

Kaitlyn and Chris warm up for their rap recording session with some vocal gymnastics that have the two of them—and the producers—cracking up! 

Nana Knowledge

Whitney has a heart-to-heart with her grandmother, who says she has a good feeling about Chris, but nevertheless wants her granddaughter to remember that there are three other women competing for his heart. 

Recording Studio Warm Ups|Kaitlyn and Chris get ready to rap.|Kaitlyn and Chris do some vocal gymnastics to warm up for their recording session in this deleted scene from Week 8 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

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