Chris Confronts Jimmy Kimmel and Britt Reveals Her Regrets

Chris Confronts Jimmy Kimmel and Britt Reveals Her Regrets

The Bachelor's Chris Soules is accustomed to having women compete for his attention, but for his February 16 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he was the one who was desperate for another man to notice him. That's right, Chris just had to have a one-on-one with Jimmy and he made sure he got it!

In a move befitting a dramatic rose ceremony, Chris confronted the host about the fact that he’s had other guests on the show aside from him—sometimes two at a time!—and asked the host for “another chance.” A confused Jimmy explained that’s just the way talk shows work, but were the two able to work out their differences? More importantly, did Chris get the rose he asked Jimmy for?

The Bachelor Chris Soules Confronts Jimmy Kimmel|Chris asks Jimmy for another chance to be a guest.|Chris asks Jimmy for another chance to be a guest on his show.


Jimmy got back at Chris for the unexpected ambush later on in the show when he called the farmer out on a particularly cheesy joke he made on the February 15 episode of The Bachelor. Hear what Chris had to say in his defense: 

The Bachelor Chris Soules Explains His Bad Joke|Jimmy asks Chris about a bad joke he made.|Jimmy asks Chris about a bad joke he made on "The Bachelor."


And speaking of defending oneself, recently eliminated contestant Britt made an appearance on the February 17 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live to finally give her side of the story when it came to those nasty rumors that she never showered! Britt also opened up about her regrets regarding the show, as well as what she really thought about Chris' hometown. 

Recording Studio Warm Ups|Kaitlyn and Chris get ready to rap.|Kaitlyn and Chris do some vocal gymnastics to warm up for their recording session in this deleted scene from Week 8 of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.

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