The Bachelorette Results: Contestants Corey, Ryan, and Jonathan Eliminated

The Bachelorette Results: Contestants Corey, Ryan, and Jonathan Eliminated

Last week’s episode of The Bachelorette ended without a Rose Ceremony. Nick Viall had just arrived in New York City to a frosty reception from the other guys. And not too long after that, Kaitlyn had to get down to business with that Rose Ceremony.

During the Rose Ceremony at Citi Field, Kaitlyn eliminated Corey, Ryan and Jonathan on a cold night that must have felt even colder for those three, especially as they had to watch the rest of the gang cheer and get ready to head off to San Antonio, Texas.

Ben H got a rose on his one-on-one date with Kaitlyn, even though they didn’t win the two-step competition at one of the oldest dance halls in America. Shawn took home a rose after his one-on-one date kayaking the iconic River Walk. The group date rose held more drama, as Joshua snuck off to tell Kaitlyn that none of the guys liked Nick and they were all upset that he was here. Problem is, that might not actually have been true:

Do the Bachelors Hate Nick Viall?|Because that's what Joshua told Kaitlyn.|After Joshua tells Kaitlyn Bristowe that all of the guys are upset about Nick Viall being on the show, Kaitlyn confronts the rest of the guys about it. The only problem is that they all more or less say that they're okay with it for one reason or another. It doesn't help that Joshua had just told the guys he was out doing an interview, but they find out he was just talking to Kaitlyn. From Week 5 of the 2015 season of The Bachelorette.

After that kerfuffle, Kaitlyn stuck to her guns and gave Nick the rose.

So Ben H, Nick, and Shawn are safe going into the final cocktail party, but, staying true to the patterns of this season, drama arises late. It seems that Ian has decided that Kaitlyn’s not very interesting, and that it’s nuts that she’s not into him:

If that wasn’t enough, he also decides to tell her all of that to her face, adding that he believes that she’s only on the show “to make out with dudes on TV”:

We’ll have to find out how that turned out next Monday. In the meantime, here’s the list of who’s left after Week 5:

Ben H

Ben Z

Chris “Cupcake”








Shawn B 


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